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For Immediate Release: December 17, 2015

The California Faculty Association’s Bargaining Team finishes 2015 engaged in the factfinding stage of the collective bargaining process with California State University (CSU) management. It is the final stage that must be completed before the faculty is legally permitted to begin job actions, including a strike. 

Since state law spells out that factfinding is a closed-door practice, until a final report becomes public, CFA offers facts that the news media and public can find. Just visit our CFA Research Center! Find it at

There are links to a range of recent research including:

  • Four “Race to the Bottom” papers that explore stagnant faculty earnings, the decline in permanent faculty jobs, and the surprising growth in CSU management over 10 years. The papers also offer the voices and experiences of actual faculty members trying to deliver quality public higher education to our students and they cover the impact of all this on students.
  • Trends Report: CSU’s tone-deaf proposal to increase student tuition
  • Research Summary: The ever-growing problem of underfunding counseling in the CSU
  • Comparative Charts: Executive compensation growth compared to faculty pay

We believe that this research helps to answer the often-asked question—What is going on that CSU faculty are so angry and frustrated, and talking about going on strike?

CSU FACULTY WILL BE SEEING RED IN JANUARY: Faculty members throughout the CSU system will be “Seeing Red” when classes resume in January. Get a taste of it on the CFA home page at  Note that the start of school varies by campus. You can find start dates on the campus web site in your area.

Please note the CFA office is closed December 24 through January 3.

On behalf of CFA and the CSU faculty who teach and guide students in one of the great public university systems in the world, we wish you a wonderful holiday season. We will be back with you in early January.

—The CFA Communications Team

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