Info about CFA membership for retired CSU faculty
Congratulations on your retirement

Your valuable contributions have helped our union grow stronger in our mission to protect and represent faculty in the California State University system. We appreciate your strong support of CFA over the years; since our first contract was signed, we have grown to represent more than 29,000 faculty throughout the state.

CFA has a Retired Membership category to allow you to remain an active part of our union.

We have a statewide Retired Faculty Committee with a chairperson who brings the concerns of this group to the CFA Board of Directors.

Be assured that we keep a close watch on our retirement system!

Maintaining your retiree membership is a great way to ensure that CFA can continue to provide protections for faculty rights, improved salary and benefits, and access to a dignified retirement. Together as a union, we have made great strides in improving working conditions while faculty serve in the university, and in their ability to access a healthy pension when we retire. Your contributions will help us continue those efforts.

CFA dues for retired members are currently $3 per month, or $4.67 per month when coupled with AAUP membership, and are deducted from your PERS retirement check.

Retired members also are eligible and encouraged to contribute to the CFA Political Action Committee fund.  For information contact CFA at (916) 441-4848 or

Please note: If you continue to teach in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) or come back to teach for pay at the CSU, you also will pay the normal CFA active dues during the period you are teaching.  As a CFA retired member, active membership dues will be deducted from your CSU pay warrant, less the $3/$4.67 retired dues deducted from your monthly PERS check. 

Please consider joining as a retired member today.  To join, just fill out the retired membership form  and return it to the CFA Membership Department. (Mail to: CFA, 1110 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814).

Thank you again for your valuable contributions to higher education and for your support of the California State University system and the California Faculty Association.


Charles Toombs

President, CFA