Join our colleagues to elect candidates who ‘get’ the importance of the CSU

Voting is already underway as vote-by-mail ballots are in voters hands and early voting locations are now up and running in most counties.

CFA urges colleagues who have ballots in hand to post them right away, or drop them in boxes at special drop off locations in your county.

Click here to see CFA’s endorsements of candidates for state government and on certain ballot measures.

ELECTION WORK – registering voters and campaigning for pro-higher eduation candidates — is all the more urgent as we approach more deadlines:

  • Tuesday, November 6, just 20 days from today, is Election Day itself.

Click here to send word that you would like to take action along with other colleagues to campaign for candidates who understand the need to fund and support the CSU.

PHOTO: CFA members joined a crowd of union supporters campaigning for Bob Archuleta for State Senate in the district just east of the City of Los Angeles in L.A. County.