Lecturer faculty as normative term for non-tenure line faculty

Whereas, the term “adjunct” means nonessential, subordinate, unimportant and temporary (see below); and

Merriam-Webster Dictionary 

“something joined or added to another thing but not essentially a part of it”

“attached in a subordinate or temporary capacity to a staff”

Cambridge Dictionary

“something added or connected to a larger or more important thing”

“a temporary teacher at a college or university”

Whereas, the term “lecturers” in contrast to “tenured faculty” or “tenure track faculty” or “T/TT faculty” suggests that lecturer faculty are not faculty; and

Whereas, the terms “adjunct” and “lecturers” are often used to refer to all non-tenure line faculty; and

Whereas, lecturer faculty at San Francisco State teach approximately 60% of course units and are therefore not only essential but constitute the backbone of the university faculty; and

Whereas, many lecturer faculty at SFSU have taught here for years or even decades and are therefore not temporary; and

Whereas, use of the term “adjunct” is both inaccurate and gratuitously belittling of the crucial contribution these faculty make to the university, and the term “lecturers” fails to recognize that lecturer faculty are faculty;

Be it resolved that 

We call on the President, Provost, Deans, Program Directors, Department Chairs and Academic Senate to encourage the removal of the terms “adjunct” and “lecturers” in reference to instructional, library, counseling, and coaching faculty from all university materials (print or digital) and replace them with the term “lecturer faculty.”

Adopted by the SFSU executive committee by unanimous vote on September 11th, 2020