Letter to CSU Chancellor and Trustees about Land Acknowledgement and Recognition

Dear Chancellor White and Trustees,

As you may recall, we presented you with a CFA Resolution regarding Land Acknowledgement and Recognition during the May 2019 Board of Trustees meeting.

On May 22, you heard firsthand from our CFA members, supporters from within the Native American community, and Native alumni, all of whom spoke in strong support of the resolution. These speakers explained why it is vitally important to the Native/Indigenous community, and to all Californians, that you take supportive action on this matter.

Now, we ask that the Land Acknowledgment and Recognition Resolution and the actions it proposes be brought forward for discussion at the next Board of Trustees meeting, and at the meeting thereafter for a vote. A copy of the resolution is included with this letter for your reference.
This would be an act of support and respect for the Native peoples of California—who are included among the CSU’s own students, faculty, and staff— whose land was taken and from which the CSU community has benefited. Our hope is that this vote will be affirmative, if not unanimous.

We look forward to working with you to ensure that this process is respectful, collaborative, and authentic in its implementation. As leaders in the CSU, we have the unique opportunity to set an example for other institutions; the CSU would become the largest public university system in the United States to implement a system-wide land acknowledgement
recognition policy. 

We appreciate your consideration of this request and ask that you provide a response by September 1, 2019. CFA, along with members of our Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus, is ready to meet and work with you throughout the entire process of adoption and implementation.

We look forward to hearing from you on this important endeavor.

In Solidarity,

Charles Toombs

President, California Faculty Association
Professor, San Diego State University