Long Beach CFA Chapter on new Equity Pay program for the Faculty

From: Doug Foraste, Chapter President on behalf of the Long Beach CFA Chapter
To: CSU Long Beach Faculty
May 14, 2015

Dear Fellow Faculty Members:

As you know from President Conoley’s letter [see Provost's message below recapping it], we have concluded our arduous consultation and have settled on a system of Equity Pay.

This version of equity will help about 725 of the lowest paid, long-term faculty on the campus, about one-third of the campus’ total faculty. This is a good start that will correct some inversion problems between ranks within departments and the situation of some very low-paid tenure-line faculty. It is certainly not all we wanted and we will press for more in the coming years.

Though we wanted much more, we’re glad that we got what we got, and we want to thank President Conoley, Provost Dowell, AVP Mark Wiley, VP Mary Stephens and Elizabeth Martin for working with us.

It’s not possible to make up years of compensation neglect in one contract and our intention was always to help those on the lower end of the scale this year. Most of the credit for working through the issues goes not to me (despite the generous shout-out from President Conoley), but to Beka Langen, our CFA staff, whose hard work and intelligent suggestions improved the program immensely.

Here are the details:

  • All three-year-contract Lecturers will get an additional 1.5% increase in their salaries capped at the SSI maximum (Lecturer A: $4291/mo; B: $5387; C: $6790; D: $7451)
  • For tenure-line faculty there are two components to the equity raise:

(1) If you are making less than 95.8% of the average for your rank in your college, you will get a salary increase of 70% of the difference between 95.8% of the average and your current salary.

For example: The monthly average for assistant professors in your college is $5000. 95.8% of $5000 is $4790. You as an assistant professor make $4500. You will get 70% of the $290 difference between $4790 and $4500, $203/mo, or an additional 4.5%. This is in addition to the earlier 1.6% you received and the 3% (if you were under the SSI max).

(2) If you are an associate or full professor and you make less than someone in the rank below you WITHIN YOUR DEPARTMENT (not college), your salary will be raised slightly above the person at the lower rank with a cap of 110% of the SSI maximum.

For example: Asst. Prof. A makes $6500/mo. Assoc. Prof. B makes $6000 in the same department. Prof. B’s salary will be raised to $6505. The max it could be raised to is the SSI maximum plus 10%, 7469. If asst. Prof. A makes $7600 and assoc. Prof. B makes $7500, unfortunately, Prof. B won’t get anything. Provost Dowell’s and our mutual goal was to separate salaries between the ranks.

We know it’s not everything you and we wanted and certainly not everything we proposed when we began this process in February.

It’s also only retroactive to the beginning of spring semester. It does help some, but as someone who only got a 1.6% increase this year, I know as well as anyone it’s not enough.

If you haven’t read the CFA’s Race to the Bottom series, especially the second paper, “Salary, Staffing Priorities and the CSU’s 1%,” I encourage you to read what the CSU considers its priorities. (click on the link — or — copy and paste it into your browser).

It’s always a choice, and the University can always find money for things it wants.

Join us in keeping the pressure on the University to put its money into the people that actually fulfill its mission of educating students.

Finally, if you are not completely satisfied with your compensation, tell our administrators by making sure you are enrolled as a CFA member not just an agency fee payer.  Join here It costs you exactly what you pay now.

We are only as strong a voice as we show the administration we are united to make the university a place for education not a sinecure for those who contribute little.

Doug Foraste, Long CFA Chapter President

— — —

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Message from David A. Dowell, Ph.D., Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

From: [] on behalf of Provost
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2015 09:58
Subject: Update: Faculty Equity Compensation Plan

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

As President Conoley recently indicated, our top priority at Cal State Long Beach is to create conditions that promote faculty advancement and student success.  Our primary purpose has been to make the best use of funds to address salary needs.

Our Faculty Affairs and Payroll offices have successfully implemented four of the five phases of the 2014-2015 faculty salary program based on the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  Phases one through four included the following separate pay adjustments that had to be determined sequentially for each individual faculty member:

1) Lecturer L/A range adjustments

2) 1.6% General Salary Increase

3) Salary Recovery Adjustment, and

4) System-Wide Equity Increase.

Eligible faculty should have received adjustments for phases one through four by the May 1 pay warrant.  The cost of increases for the first four phases amounted to more than the Chancellor’s Office allocated to the campus, in part because benefit costs added an average of 31%.  Despite the additional costs, however, we are delighted to have been able to implement these raises.

Beyond the raises, implemented in phases one through four, the new CBA also allows each CSU Campus President to make additional salary adjustments to address equity problems, the fifth phase of the 2014-2015 faculty salary program.  The President charged my office with working on a plan for salary equity, and she charged the Vice President for Administration and Finance with identifying funding.  The AVP for Faculty Affairs and I consulted with CFA leadership.  We worked to develop an approach that deals primarily with salary inequities.  The Vice President for Administration and Finance has worked hard to identify as much funding as possible.  Funding for faculty salaries must come from permanent base budget General Fund resources, and not from one-time or non-state funds.

The President has consequently authorized about $1 million in additional campus resources for faculty salaries and benefits.  This includes all of the anticipated available increase in state funding from the Governor that we anticipate July 1st.  The benefit rate for these increases is about 31% so there should be about $750,000 in funding for increases in annual faculty salaries starting July 1, 2015.

The phase five equity plan includes the following components:

A. A floor will be set on salaries for current and new assistant professors;

B. Salaries will be increased for tenured/tenure track faculty members at all ranks who are significantly below the average for their respective rank and college;

C. Salaries will be increased for associate or full professors whose salary rates are below a faculty member in the same department at a lower rank (salary inversion); and

D. We will increase salaries for 3-year lecturers who are below the Service Salary Increase (SSI) Maximum rate for their range and for coaching faculty who are below the SSI maximum rate with 6 or more consecutive years in the same classification.

With the exception of the salary inversions (c above), these measures will be made effective retroactive to January 2015 and should appear in the July 1st pay warrant, with retroactive payments issuing soon thereafter.  Salary inversion increases will be effective with the start of the Fall 2015 Term, as 2015 promotion actions may have an impact on cases of inversion.

We project that phase five increases will affect more than 700 faculty members (tenured/tenure-track, lecturers, librarians, counselors, and coaches) in addition to the increases provided in phases one through four, which affected all faculty.   By implementing phase five of the salary program, we will have exhausted the available funding.

It is wonderful to be able to provide faculty salary augmentation to address equity.  Our excellence and success depends tremendously on our faculty who are dedicated to their work and the success of our students.  Go Beach!

David A. Dowell, Ph.D.
Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs