Message from CFA Fresno Chapter President
Diane Blair

Dear Colleagues,

As we finish out the Fall semester and head into our winter break, I want to provide an update on the status of our Fight for Five – the effort to gain a 5 percent raise for 2015-16 for all faculty members, plus an SSI (“step increase”) for all eligible faculty.

Large and successful Rally at the Board of Trustees meeting

As a direct follow-up to the 94% YES Strike Authorization vote, CFA staged a march and rally at the November 17 Board of Trustees meeting in Long Beach. Over 1000 faculty, students, community supporters, and labor allies converged on the CSU headquarters. The rally demonstrated the commitment and the willingness of faculty to stand together and stand strong that now is the time to reinvest in our faculty with a fair salary package. It was both inspiring and validating to be a part of the event!

The rally and our message received great statewide press coverage and gained the positive attention of the elected officials attending the Trustees’ meeting. In particular, the Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins spoke at our rally and was strongly supportive of our efforts. 

A special thanks goes out to all the Fresno State faculty and students who took the time out of their busy schedules, got on the bus, and participated in this important statewide event!

Fact-Finding still on-going — likely to conclude in January

CFA and the Chancellor’s Office are engaged in Fact-Finding, the last step in the “statutory” collective bargaining process.  We do not have the legal right to strike until Fact-Finding is complete. This past Monday, the two sides held a second (and likely final) session in front of the neutral third-party Fact-Finder. At this point, a Fact-Finding report will be developed, containing recommendations on how a settlement could be achieved. The Fact-Finding process will likely be completed some time in January.

Spring Semester — Keeping up the momentum

As we know, we will achieve a positive outcome only if we keep up the pressure and fight for what is fair. When we return for the first week of classes (Jan 19-22), we are asking faculty members to wear RED to show that, despite the winter break, we have not forgotten about the Fight for Five. Those of you who have your “I Don’t Want to Strike, But I Will,” please make good use of them! We want to see these t-shirts all across our campus that first week back. If you would like a t-shirt, please email our local chapter at with your preferred t-shirt size and we will send one out via campus mail.

Syllabus Message to Students

We are also asking faculty to include a statement in their spring semester syllabi in anticipation of possible strike actions. Additional information about how to talk about the contract dispute with your students will be forthcoming. Below is a sample statement:

The California Faculty Association is in the midst of a difficult contract dispute with management. It is possible that the faculty union will call a strike or other work stoppage this term. I will inform the class as soon as possible of any disruption to the posted schedule.

CFA Strike Update and Social Gathering

Upon our return to campus, we will be hosting a welcome back social on Friday, January, 22nd, 4-7pm at the Bucket Grill & Pub (on campus). I hope to see many of you there! We will have an update on bargaining and next steps at that time.

Thanks to all of you for supporting our local chapter events this semester and the impressive strike vote turn out. I wish you all a wonderful winter break and happy holidays.

In unity,


Diane M. Blair, Ph.D.
Department of Communication
California State University, Fresno
5201 N. Maple Avenue M/S SA 46
Fresno, CA 93740-8027
559-278-8578 (o)
559-278-4113 (f)

California Faculty Association
President, CFA Fresno State Chapter