Mission and Goals of CFA Asian Pacific Islander Caucus

Mission Statement:  The mission of the API Caucus is to increase the visibility and voice of Asian American and Pacific Islander American faculty at all levels within the California Faculty Association and the California State University system.

Goal 1:  Support of AA and API Faculty: a. Provide a forum and information clearinghouse of the issues concerns and problems facing API faculty.  b. Collecting and analyzing data on RTP and working conditions affecting AA and API faculty.  c.  Highlighting disparities that may exist in allocations of resources that may negatively affect AA and API faculty.

Goal 2:  Increase the Power of AA and API Caucus Through Mentoring, Leadership Development, and Coalition Building:  a.  Increase our strength through coalitions, increasing membership in CFA and in the API caucus.  b.  Establish and support an AA Caucus system on each campus to support faculty professionally (local caucuses); develop a network.  c.  Address issues of equality and development of AA and API faculty in the CSU through strategies of outreach, mentoring, and leadership development.  d.  Publish an API Caucus newsletter twice a year.  e.  Promote engagement of faculty through participation in the Statewide API caucus, General Assembly, Council for Affirmative Action, and Equity Conferences.

Goal 3:  Address Issues Unique to AA and API Faculty: a.  Break through the glass ceiling by supporting leadership development for AA and API faculty.   b.  Address working and learning conditions that specifically affect AA and API faculty and learning conditions for students.