Nov 17th Protest in Long Beach
The continued fight for five!

On November 17th, our faculty gathered in Long Beach to demonstrate their unacceptance of Chancellor White’s measly 2% offer. Our very own Mary Boland was there and had this to say:

“…the faculty protest in Long Beach last Tuesday was impressive.  About a 1000 faculty from the 23 campuses turned out, and we marched through Long Beach to Golden Shores, where we rallied, and listened to inspiring speeches from faculty and students, support from other California unions (teachers, nurses, firefighters, SEIU, AAUP, among those I can remember) and support from at least 4 members of the Cali legislature, who reported, as they left the closed BOT meeting, that they had just spoken on our behalf to that body.  (And who promised to keep fighting for us.)  Notably, several said that they were graduates of our CSU system and expressed deep thanks  for the wonderful educations they received.  Also, you may be tickled to learn that 2 of your English colleagues proved to be surprisingly powerful vuvusela players.”  


Here is some footage from LATimes if you would like to feel what the day was like: