Online Resources

Letter from a Birmingham jail
The Martin Luther King Jr Research and Education Institute (Stanford)
Audio and PDF document of the famous letter Dr. King wrote to clergyman. 

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
Wellesley Centers for Women
By Peggy McIntosh: Through work to bring materials from Women’s Studies into the rest of the curriculum, I have often noticed men’s unwillingness to grant that they are over-privileged, even though they may grant that women are disadvantaged. They may say they will work to improve women’s status, in the society, the university, or the curriculum, but they can’t or won’t support the idea of lessening men’s. Denials which amount to taboos surround the subject of advantages which men gain from women’s disadvantages. These denials protect male privilege from being fully acknowledged, lessened or ended. 

Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race
The Guardian
For years, racism has been defined by the violence of far-right extremists, but a more insidious kind of prejudice can be found where many least expect it – at the heart of respectable society.
*Click here to listen to the audio version

Dear white Trump voters with an opiate addict in the family: Your president embraces this dude
Daily Kos
This is directly addressed to white people who voted for Donald Trump, since much of the focus of his purported “sympathy” listening session with families who have lost a loved one due to the current opioid overdose crisis targeted white America. If you lost a loved one to opioids and happen not to be white, this is for you as well.