In Other News • January 31, 2018

DACA RENEWALS STILL UNDERWAY—SEE LINKS FOR HELP: On January 9, a federal judge temporarily halted Trump’s termination of DACA, the program to protect young people brought to the U.S. as children, including thousands of CSU students. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is accepting renewal applications for DACA waivers and work authorizations from immigrants who had the status when the Trump administration issued its order on September 5. See a CSU web page of resources specifically about the judge’s order, click here for resources by CSU campus, and find additional resources on the CFA web site.

NORTHRIDGE CFA CHAPTER VP HONORED AT TRUSTEES MEETING: CSU Northridge CFA Chapter Vice President Ivor Weiner, a professor of Special Education, was honored with a CSU Wang Family Excellence Award at the CSU Board of Trustees this week. In his remarks accepting the award, he said, “I am humbled and honored to accept this award, and I give thanks to CFA and my CSUN CFA chapter for always leading the way in giving a voice to the voiceless.” Northridge CFA Chapter President Nate Thomas also received the Wang Award, in 2015.

DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO WAS TURNED AWAY FROM THE CSU? They did the work in high school or community college. They got the grades. They were promised a seat in the CSU. But they were turned away. There are tens of thousands of qualified students who wanted to go to the CSU but were not admitted. CFA is interested in learning their stories. If you know such a student, please ask him or her to go to