To: President Mahoney, Provost Jennifer Summit, College Deans, Department Chairs and the Academic Senate

Already, SF State is planning to cut courses, sections, and faculty positions for the fall semester.  These cuts will have dire academic and human consequences.

In this extraordinary period, “business as usual” is no longer appropriate.  Job loss during an economic crisis could cause unemployment that lasts for months, even years.  Loss of health insurance during a pandemic could be a death sentence.  

We have a choice.  There are alternatives to massive job loss and its consequences.  Here are some:

• Class enrollments have been slowly rising for decades, making it more difficult to maintain quality education. Now is the time to recommit to quality education. Reducing the class cap by 25% would result in more sections, more employment for lecturer faculty, and a richer educational experience for our students. After a chaotic and disruptive spring semester, our students need the highest quality academic experience we can offer. This will increase student retention and student success.  

• Assigned time should be far more generously extended to faculty, especially lecturer faculty.  During the transition from classroom to “remote” instruction, faculty rose to the challenge and performed many hours of additional work without additional compensation. This has been especially true of lecturer faculty, who do most of the teaching at SF State.  Assigned time should be distributed to all lecturer faculty for committee work and other non-classroom duties, resulting in a full-time lecturer teaching only four classes instead of five, thereby opening up a class to another lecturer. And it could bring the entitlement of lecturers teaching only one class up .4 to qualify for health benefits. Stronger community and broader shared governance will be critical resources for the complicated times ahead. 

CSU has the money to protect lecturers. It is slated to receive more than 500 million dollars through the recent federal CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act.  And, CSU already has $1.4-billion surplus at hand in its “academic sustainability plan.”  As the State Auditor has recently noted: this money “is available for CSU to spend at its discretion to support instruction and other operating costs.”  Lives and livelihoods are on the line. Instead of claiming austerity, SF State should make the university budget transparent.  Open the books.

SF State’s commitment to social justice is not just aspirational – - it can and should guide us through difficult times.   The university must do everything it can to prevent the looming economic crisis from becoming a human crisis.  

We call on university administrators, deans, department chairs, and the Faculty Senate to do the just thing: stand against cuts to lecturer faculty positions.

The Faculty of San Francisco State University:

Matthew Davison  Creative Writing  Lecturer

Aaron Belkin  Political Science  Professor

Abdur Sikder  ISYS, CSc  Lecturer

Adrienne Cool  Physics and Astronomy  Professor

Agnes Hong  English  Lecturer

Ahmad Ganji  Engineering  Professor

Aiko Yoshino  RPT & HH  Assistant Professor

Aimee Suzara  Ethnic Studies/AAS  Lecturer

Ajay Chatterjee  SoE  Adjunct Faculty

Al Schendan  Political Science  Lecturer

Alan Moore  Philosophy  Lecturer

Albert de la Tierra  Criminal Justice Studies  Assistant Professor

Alessandro De Giorgi  Justice Studies  Professor

Alexander Otruba  Political Science  Lecturer

Alexander Walsh-Wilson  Music LCA  Lecturer FT

Alexandra Liguori  Physics & Astronomy  Lecturer

Alexandria Post  Library  Lecturer

Alexis Hanson  Political Science  Lecturer

Alexis Herr  Jewish Studies and History  Lecturer

Alexis Martinez  Sociology and Sexuality Studies  Associate Professor

Ali Kashani  Political Science  Lecturer

Alice Elliott-Sowaal  Philosophy  Associate Professor

Alison Baroody  Child & Adolescent Development  Assistant Professor

Alison Ramos  School of Nursing  Clinical instructor / lecturer

Alkisti Mikrogeorgiou  Biology  Temporary faculty

Allen Conkle  Communication Studies  Lecturer

Allison Gilchrist  School of Nursing  Lecturer

Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales  Aas  Full Professor

Amanda Sofia Dangerfield  FINA  Lecturer

Amie Brady  CHSS

Amilcar Castillo Ortiz  HTM/ FINA  Lecturer

Amita Shastri  Political Science  Professor

Amy Hontalas  American Indian Studies  Lecturer

Amy Kilgard  Communication Studies  Professor and Chair

Amy Latham  English  Lecturer

Amy Love  English  Lecturer

Amy Skonieczny  International Relations  Associate Professor

Ana Barrera  Kinesiology  Lecturer

Ana Luengo  MLL  Assistant Professor

Anantha Sudhakar  Asian American Studies  Associate Professor

Anastasia Prentiss  Communication Studies  Lecturer

Andrea Crapanzano  Counseling  Lecturer

Andrea Hernandez  College of Health and Social Sciences

Andrea Schriner Kellogg  English  Lecturer

Andreana Clay  Sociology and Sexuality Studies  Professor

Andrei Tsygankov  International Relations  Professor

Andrew McAdams  Recreation, Parks, and Tourism  lecturer

Andrew Beyer  Math  Lecturer

Andrew Ichimura  Chemistry & Biochemistry  Associate Professor

Andrew Joron  Creative Writing  Assistant Professor

Andrew Murphy  English  Lecturer

Andrew Oliphant  Geography & Environment  Professor

Andrew Pitman  Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts  Lecturer

Angelica Camacho  Criminal Justice Studies  Assistant Professor

Angelina Moles  Communication Studies  Adjunct

Anita Cabrera  English  Lecturer

Ann Robertson  Philosophy  Lecturer

Anna Eng  WGS & AAS  Lecturer

Anna Tobin-Wallis  CAD  Lecturer

Anna-Lisa S. Van der Valk  ELSIT, GCOE  Lecturer, 25 years

Anne Galjour  Creative Writing  Lecturer

Anne Linton  Modern Languages and Literatures  Associate Prof.

Anne M Glaros  Art  lecturer, Art History

Anne McCaffrey  Nursing department  clinical faculty

Anthony D’Agostino  History  Professor

Anthony Fletcher  Special Education  Lecturer

Anthony J Souza  CS Dept  Lecturer

Anthony Pahnke  International Relations  Assistant Professor

Anthony Schifano  Athletics  Head Coach

Antwi Akom  Africana Studies  Professor 

April Moyer  Psychology  Lecturer

April Phung  MLL   lecturer faculty

Arash Farahmand  Mathematics  Lecturer

Arezoo Islami  Philosophy  TT

Ariel Vigo  English  Lecturer

Aritree Samanta  School of PACE  Assistant Professor

Armin Akhavan  Biology  Lecturer

Arturo Arrieta  History  Lecturer

ArVejon Jones Dance  Lecturer

Ashley Aaron  Race and Resistance Studies  Lecturer

Ashley Dorrian  Counseling  Lecturer

Ashmi Desai  Communication  Assistant Professor

Astrid Proboll  Marketing/Business/Mgmt  Lecturer

Atina Delfino  Dept of Health Education  Lecturer

Atiya Hai  Physical therapy  Lecturer

Aureen Almario  Asian American Studies  Part time lecturer

Autumn Thoyre  PACE  Assistant Professor

Aviva Sinervo  Anthropology and Psychology  Lecturer

Ayana Aïrakan  Lecturer

Barbara Cooper  English  Lecturer

Barbara Tomash  Creative Writing  Lecturer

Barry S. Rothman  Biology  Professor

Ben Ridgway  Cinema  Associate Professor

Benjamin Kumli  Recreation, Parks, Tourism & Holistic Health  Lecturer

Benjamin Lozano  Political Science  Lecturer

Berenice Le Marchand  MLL  Associate

Beth Runquist  Chemistry/Biochemistry  Lecturer

Bethany Sparks  School of Cinema  Assistant Professor

Bibiana Arriola  College of Ethnic Studies  Academic Advisor

Bikku Kuruvila  Race and Resistance Studies  Lecturer

Bill Christmas  English  Professor

Bill Hsu  Computer Science  Professor

Blake Respini  Political Science  Lecturer

Blanca Misse  MLL  Assistant Prof

Brad Erickson  Humanities and Liberal Studies  Lecturer

Bradley Bowser  Biology  Lecturer

Brandon Diaz  English  Lecturer

Breena Nuñez  Latina/o Studies  Part-time lecturer

Brian C Benson  Cinema  Adjunct Instructor/Lecturer

Brian Strang  English  Lecturer

Bridget Gelms  English  Assistant Professor

Brigitte Davila  LTNS  Lecturer

Brinda Govindan  Biology  Senior Lecturer

Britta Sjogren  Cinema  Professor

Bronwyn Dexter  LCA  Lecturer

Bruce Avery  School of Theatre and Dance  Professor 

Burcu Ellis  International Relations  Professor

C. Daniel Vencill  Criminal Justice  Lecturer, Professor Emeritus

Caitlin Dolan  Philosophy  Lecturer

Camille Antinori  Economics  Lecturer

Candace Low  Biology  Lecturer

Carel Bertram  Humanities  Professor

Carey Martin  Nursing  Faculty

Carina Gallo  Criminal Justice Studies  Assistant Professor

Carlo Padula  Modern Language and Literature  Lecturer

Carlos Davidson  PACE/Environmental Studies  Professor

Carlos Hagedorn  Race and Resistance Studies  Lecturer

Carol Silverman  PACE/Political Science  Lecturer

Carole Kulik  CHS  Asst professor

Carolina De Robertis  Creative Writing  Assistant Professor

Carolyne D Cook  CAD  Lecturer

Catherine Jolly  Counseling & Psychological Services  Counselor

Catherine Kudlick  History  Professor

Catherine Powell  Library  Librarian (full)

Cathy Cochran  Library  ULMS Manager and Acquisitions Coordinator

Cecil J. Bell  Sociology/Criminal Justice  Lecturer

Cesar Rodriguez  Criminal Justice Studies  Assistant Professor

Chalyn Newman  Elementary Education  Lecturer

Charity DaMarto  Ethnic Studies  Part-time

Charlene P. Lobo Soriano  Counseling  Lecturer

Charles Egan  MLL  Professor

Charles Postel  History  Professor

Charles Van  Business Accounting  Lecturer

Charli Sakari  Physics & Astronomy  Assistant Professor

Charlotte Tate  Psychology  Associate Professor

Charmayne Hughes  Kinesiology  Associate Professor

Chelsea McNutt  Child & Adolescent Development  Lecturer

Cheng Chen  Engineering  Associate Professor

Chenghao Hu  Economics  Assistant Professor

Cheryll MacIntyre  Nursing  Adjunct Faculty

Chris Longenecker  Political Science  Lecturer

Chris Mays  Library  Associate Librarian

Chris McCarthy  Physics & Astronomy  Lecturer

Chris W. Thomson  Engineering  Lecturer

Christina L. Warren  CAD  Lecturer

Christine Brandes  Music  Associate Professor

Christoph Hanssmann  WGS  Assistant Professor

Christophe Ley  Recreation Park Holistic Health  Lecturer 

Christopher Chekuri  History  Associate professor

Christopher Clemens  BECA  Associate Professor

Christopher Fiene  International Relations Department  Lecturer

Christopher Moffatt  Biology  Professor

Christopher Sterba  Humanities  Lecturer

Christopher Wessels  Philosophy  Lecturer

Christy Lao  Elementary Education  Associate Professor

Christy Shick  English  Lecturer

Cindy Medakovic  Nursing  Placement Coordinator

CJ Koenig  Communication Studies  Associate Professor

Clare Sears  Sociology and Sexuality Studies  Associate Professor

Claudia Lodia  Asian American Studies  Lecturer

Claudio Vera Sanchez  Justice Studies  Department Chair

Colleen Hoff  Sexuality Studies  Professor

Colleen Kim Daniher  Communication Studies  Assistant Professor

Collin Ludlow-Mattson  English  Lecturer

Concepcion Fayos  Theatre and Dance  Lecturer

Constance Gordon  Communication Studies  Assistant Professor

Courtney Ghan  English  Lecturer

Cristina Ruotolo  Humanities and Liberal Studies  Professor

Crystal Wong  English  Lecturer

Cynthia King  Management  Lecturer

Daisy Isarraras  Latino Studies  Lecturer

Daisy Zamora Evans  Latina/o Studies  Lecturer

Dan Curtis-Cummins  English  Adjunct Lecturer

Danette Scheib  FINA  Lecturer

Daniel Acosta Elkan  Latina/o Studies  Lecturer

Daniel Chein  Cinema  Adjunct

Daniel Ciomek  Information Systems  Lecturer

Daniel Guasca  School of Design  Adjunct Lecturer

Daniel Macallair  Criminal Justice Studies  Lecturer

Daniel Matthew Galpern  Attorney-at-Law  Graduate, SFSU (B.A.) 

Daniel Olmsted  Cinema  Adjunct Lecturer

Daniela Balkanska  Finance  Lecturer

Danny Clay  Music  Lecturer

Daphne Stannard  Nursing  Lecturer

Darion Wallace  Africana Studies  Lecturer

David Anderson  Edelman Institute  Professor/Director

David Bao  Mathematics  Professor

David C Gill  English  Full-time Lecturer

David Cox  Business – Information Systems Technology  Lecturer

David Cox  Design  Lecturer

David D. Griffis, J.D.  Accounting  Lecturer

David E Lee  Political Science  Part-time Lecturer

David Gard  Psychology  Professor

David Greene  Journalism  Lecturer

David Hellman  Library  Associate Librarian

David Khalili  Counseling  Lecturer

David Mustart  Earth & Climate Sciences  Professor of Geology

David Pena  Humanities and Liberal Studies  Assistant Professor

David Rebanal  Health Education  Assistant Professor

David Walsh  Kinesiology  Professor

David William Foulds  English  Adjunct Lecturer

David Woo  CHSS 

Deborah Cohler  Women and Gender Studies  Professor

Deborah Craig  Health Education  Lecturer

Deborah Estell  Psychology  Lecturer

Deborah L Farris  Communication Studies  Lecturer

Deborah Miller  English  Lecturer

Deborah Stein, Ph.D.  Art department  Lecturer

Debra Glass  DES—School of Design  Lecturer

Deena Lin  Philosophy  Lecturer

Deirdre Mountain  Theatre & Dance  Lecturer

Denise Battista  Humanities  Lecturer

Dennis Quinn  English  Lecturer

Dev Noily Devanshi Unadkat  CAD  Lecturer

Diane Frey  College of Business  Adjunct Lecturer

Diane Presler  Design  Lecturer

Dilara Yarbrough  Criminal Justice Studies  Assistant Professor

Dmitriy Ivanov  Math  Lecturer

Dodie Bellamy  Creative Writing  Lecturer

Dominic Caserta  Political Science  Lecturer

Donna de la Perriere  Creative Writing  Lecturer (for 16 years)

Donna Long  English  Lecturer

Doreen Deicke  English  Lecturer

Douglas Codron  Engineering  Lecturer

Dr Craig Nathanson  Management  Lecturer

Dr Malahat Fardadi  Engineering  Part Time Lecturer

Dr. Judith M. Kell  Secondary Education  Senior Lecturer

Dr. Rene F Dahl  CAD  Full Professor (FERP)

Dr. Steven Savage  School of Humanities & Liberal Studies  Lecturer

Dr. Victoria Neve  Music  Professor

Drew Borland  English  Lecturer

Dustin Ross  Mathematics  Assistant Professor

Eddie Williams  Modern Languages  Lecturer, Spanish

Edward J. Carpenter  Biology (EOS)  Professor

Efren Bose  Asian American Studies  Lecturer

Elaine Leung  BECA  Lecturer

Elaine Musselman  Nursing  Assistant Professor

Elaine Tennant  Physics and Astronomy  Part time Lecturer

Elif Balin Counseling  Assistant Professor

Elisa Magidoff  CAD  Lecturer

Elisabeth Chemouni  Mathematics  Lecturer

Elizabeth Brown  Criminal Justice Studies  Professor

Elizabeth Haddon  Earth & Climate Sciences  Lecturer

Elizabeth Monique Comacchio  School of Design  Adjunct

Elizabeth Pacheco  Justice Studies  Lecturer

Elizabeth Tejada  Criminal Justice/Sociology  Lecturer

Ellen Christensen  Design  TT

Ellen Hines  Geography  Professor

Elliott Endre  Counseling  Lecturer

Elyse Shafarman  RPT & HH  Lecturer

Emiko Takagi  PACE  Assistant Professor

Emil Fogarino  Science  Teaching

Emily Clader  Mathematics  Assistant Professor

Emily Perez  Cinema  Lecturer

Eric Longfellow  English  Lecturer

Eric Mar  Asian American Studies  Asst Professor

Eric Weidner  Communication Studies  Lecturer

Erica Almaguer CAD  Lecturer

Erica Bosque  Social Work  Lecturer

Erica Pulley  BECA  Lecturer

Erik Bennett  Mathematics  Lecturer

Erik Peper  RPT  Professor

Erik Rosegard  Recreation, Parks & Tourism  Professor

Erika D’Andrea  Race and Resistance Studies  Lecturer

Erika Dyquisto  Business  Lecturer

Erin Foley  Graduate College of Education  Lecturer

Erin Gibb  Theatre and Dance  Lecturer

Ernita Joaquin  PACE  Assoc Prof

Esther Chan  English  Lecturer

Eugene Gambol  Asian American Studies  Lecturer

Eugene R. Young, MFA  Design  Lecturer

Eva Martinez  Library  Lecturer

Eva Sheppard Wolf  History  Professor

Evelyn Jean Pine  Communication Studies  Lecturer

Faith Rusk  Library  Lecturer

Fang-yu Chou  Nursing  Professor

Fatemeh Khalkhal  Engineering  Assistant Professor

Fatmir Haskaj  Sociology/History  lecturer

Federico Ardila  Mathematics  Professor

Felicia Viator  History  Assistant Professor

Felix S. Kury  Latina Studies  Lecturer

Flo Kimmerling  Speech, language, Hearing Sciences  Lecturer

Frances Dibble  Special Education  Lecturer

Frances Jones  Counseling  Adjunct lecturer

Frances Wilkerson  Biology  Lecturer

Francesca Dolor  CHSS

Francis Neely  PLSI  Associate Professor

Francis Wong  Asian American Studies  Lecturer

Fred Green  MLL  Associate Prof.

Frederick Lifsitz  Music  Lecturer

Freeman Wong  Chemistry and Biochemistry  Lecturer

G. Tarakji  Engineering  Professor

Gabby Medina Falzone  LTNS  Lecturer

Gavin Deare  Business  Lecturer

Geoff Desa  Management  Associate Professor

Geoffrey Green  English  Professor

George Barganier  Criminal Justice Studies  Assistant Professor

George Evans  English  Lecturer

George Leonard  Schl Humanities Lib Studies  Professor

Gerianne Merrigan  Communications  Professor

Gil Zamora  Justice Studies  Lecturer

Giles Feinberg  Psychology  Adjunct Lecturer

Gillian McIntosh  Classics  Assoc. Professor

Gitanjali Shahani  English  Professor and Chair

Giuseppe (Pino) Trogu  School of Design  Associate Professor

Gizem Isik  Information Systems  Lecturer

Glenn Fieldman  ENVS/PACE  Associate Professor; former lecturer

Gloria Soto  Special Education  Professor

Gordon Bengle  Mathematics  Lecturer

Grace Yoo  Asian American Studies  Professor

Graciela Orozco  Counseling  Professor

Graham Bowman  English  Lecturer

Graydon Creed  Geography and Environment  Lecturer

Greg Woods  Justice Studies  Lecturer

Gregory Gomez  Sec Ed, GCOE and Music  Lecturer

Gretchen George  FINA  Assistant Professor

Guillaume Faddoul  Information Systems  Assistant Professor

Gus Vouchilas  FINA  Professor

Gust Yep  Communication Studies  Professor

Hafez Modirzadeh  Music  Professor

Herman Haluza  English  Lecturer

Hamid Shahnasser  Engineering  Professor

Hamid Khani  BECA  Professor

Hamid Mahmoodi  School of Engineering  Tenured professor

Hamida Nusrat  Clinical Lab Science/Physical Therapy  Lecturer

Hao Yue  Computer Science  Assistant Professor

Harriet Chiang  Journalism  Lecturer

Heather Gibbons  Creative Writing  Lecturer

Heather McMichael  Modern Languages and Literatures  Lecturer

Heather Murdock  Biology  Lecturer

Heather-Rose Lacy  Chemistry  Temporary faculty lecturer

Helen Hyun  ELSIT  Professor

Hesper Wilson  Library  Senior Assistant Librarian

Hilary Romanoff  Counseling  Lecturer

Hilda Loury  Philosophy  Lecturer 

Hillary Peregrina  AAStudies/CAD  Lecturer

Holly Harris  Biology  Lecturer

Hsin-Yun Liu  Modern Languages and Literatures  Lecturer

Huanlei Li  Chemistry and Biochemistry  Lecturer

Hulya Gurtuna  Sociology  Lecturer

Ian M Dunham  Management  Assistant Professor

Ilana Crispi  School of Art  Assistant Professor

Ileana da Silva  English  Lecturer

Inara Morgenstern  Music  Lecturer

Ioulia Matyssik  Nursing  Clinical Instructor

Irene Faye Duller  AAS  Adjunct Faculty

Isabelle Pelaud  Asian American Studies  Professor

Ishman Anderson  Criminal Justice Studies  Lecturer

Ismael Rey Lara III  Race and Resistance  Part Time Lecturer

Ivan Anastassov  Biology  Assistant Professor

Ivan Oplanic  Communication Studies  Lecturer

Ivy Chen  Sociology & Health Education  Lecturer

Jackie Fielder  College of Ethnic Studies  Lecturer

Jaeyoun Shin  Counseling & Psychological Services  Counselor Faculty

Jaime Chaves  Biology  Assistant Professor

Jaimy Magdalena Mann  Race and Resistance Studies  Lecturer

Jamal Dajani  RRS  Lecturer

James Bagley  Kinesiology  Assistant Professor

James Blackmon  Philosophy  Lecturer

James Enright  Engineering  Lecturer

James Martel  Political Science  Full Professor

James Quesada  Anthropology  Professor

James R Gilligan  English  Asst. Professor

Jami Baltz  FINA  Lecturer

Jan Gregory  English  Retired

Jane Rabanal  Design  Lecturer

Janelle L. White  WGS  Lecturer

Janes Halligan  Psychology  Fulltime Lecturer

Janey Wang  PACE  Associate Professor

Jarbel Rodriguez  History  Professor

Jason Ferreira  Race and Resistance Studies  Associate Professor

Jason Henderson  Geography & Environment  Professor

Jason Jackl  English  Lecturer

Jason McDaniel  Political Science  Associate Professor

Jean-Benoit Levy  Design  Lecturer

Jeanne Digel  Physics and Astronomy  Lecturer

Jeanne-Marie Hughes  Kinesiology  Lecturer

Jeannette Lee  Physical Therapy  Associate Professor

Jeannie Evelyn Ichimura  School of Art  Lecturer

Jeannie Woo  AAS  Lecturer

Jeff Cookston  Psychology  Professor

Jeff Jacoby  BECA  Professor

Jeff Rosenstock  BECA  staff

Jeff Saperstein  Communication Studies  Lecturer

Jeff Snipes  Criminal Justice  Associate Professor

Jeffrey Schonberg  Anthropology  Lecturer

Jen Reck  Sociology and Sexuality Studies  Assistant Professor

Jenna Wong  Engineering  Assistant Professor

Jennifer Beach  English Composition  Lecturer

Jennifer Blecha  Geography & Environment  Associate Professor

Jennifer Daubenmier  RTP and HH  Assistant Professor

Jennifer Delos Reyes  Instructor

Jennifer Der  Recreation, Parks and Tourism  Lecturer

Jennifer Kerwin  DUEAP  Academic Advisor Graduation Specialist

Jennifer Menjivar-Baumann  Child and Adolescent Development  Lecturer

Jennifer Mogannam  Race and Resistance Studies  Lecturer

Jennifer Stimson  FINA  DPD Director  Lecturer

Jennifer Trainor  English  Professor

Jenny Lau  Cinema  Professor

Jenny Lederer  English  Assistant Professor

Jeonghee Kim  Engineering  Lecturer 

Jerome Schwab  English  Lecturer

Jerry Shapiro  School of Social Work  Director and Professor

Jessica Elkind  History  Associate Professor

Jessica Mondragon  College of Health and Social Sciences

Jessica Schlegel  Cinema  GA/MFA student

Jessica Wolin  Health Education  Lecturer

Jessie McGee  CAD  Lecturer

Jesus Solorio  Counseling  Lecturer

Jia Li  Economics  Lecturer

Jiyoung Cha  BECA  Associate Professor

Joan Kruckewitt  Business  Lecturer

Joan Wong  English  Lecturer

Joanne Barker  American Indian Studies  Professor

Joanne Sopt  Accounting  Assistant Professor

Jocelyn Hermoso  Social Work  Associate Professor

Joel Kassiola  Political Science  Professor

Joel Wanek  BECA  Lecturer

John Blair  Biology  Lecturer

John C Martin  Biology  Alumni 

John Calloway  LTNS  Adjunct Lecturer

John Kay  Philosophy  Lecturer

John Lord  Accounting  Lecturer

John Penacerrada  Kinesiology  Lecturer

John Santos  RRS  lecturer

John Viola  Criminal Justice  Lecturer

John Wilson  Theatre and Dance  Professor

John-Carlos Perea  American Indian Studies  Associate Professor

Johnny Symons  School of Cinema  Associate Professor

Jolie Goorjian  English and Comparative & World Literature  Lecturer

Jonathan Kornfeld  Music  Lecturer

Jonathan Lee  Asian American Studies  Professor

Jonathan Song  School of Engineering  Lecturer

Jonathon Tai  Engineering  Lecturer

Jonathon Whooley International Relations  Lecturer

Jordan Nielsen  Library  Associate Librarian

Jose Acacio de Barros  Humanities and Liberal Studies  Professor

Joseph Barranco  Physics & Astronomy  Professor & Department Chair

Joseph Chen  Biology  Associate Professor

Joseph Daniels  Library  Librarian

Joseph Dizon  Mathematics, Chemistry & Biochemistry  Lecturer

Joseph Gubelade  Mathematics  Professor

Joseph McBride  School of Cinema  Professor

Joseph Tuman  Communication Studies  Full Professor

Josephine Tsao  MLL  Lecturer

Joshua Horowitz  History  Lecturer

Joshua McVeigh-Schultz  School of Design  Assistant Professor

Joshua Singer  Design  Associate Professor

Juanita Darling  International Relations  professor

Judith Kysh  Secondary Ed & Mathematics  Professor (FERP)

Judith S. Fraschella  School of Humanities and Liberal Studies  Lecturer

Julia Ayana Airakan-Mance  School of Design  Lecturer

Julia Schulte  English  Part-time Lecturer

Julian Hoxter  Cinema  Associate Professor

Juliana E van Olphen  Health Education  Associate Professor

Julie Chronister  Counseling  Professor

Juliet Lamont  College of Business  Lecturer

Julieta Kusnir  LTNS  adjunct

Julietta Hua  WGS  Professor

June Parra  DUEAP

Jung S. You  Economics  Assistant Professor

Junse Kim  Creative Writing  Lecturer

Jusn Carlos Gonzalez  SOAR/SRC/CHSS

Justin Kitchen  Philosophy  Lecturer

Justin Robinson  English  Lecturer

Justin Tiwald  Philosophy  Professor

Justin Woodard  Asian American Studies  Lecturer

Kali Martin  Philosophy  Graduate

Karen Coopman  English & Liberal Studies Program  Lecturer

Karen Hossfeld  SOC & SXS  Dept. Chair

Karen Johnson-Carroll  FINA  Associate Professor

Karen Lovaas  Communication Studies  Associate Professor 

Karen Wiederholt  TASC/DUEAP  Lecturer Faculty

Karina Du  Special Education  Part time Lecturer

Karl F. Cohen  Cinema  Lecturer

Karla Castillo  CAPS  Counselor Faculty

Karly Stark  Cinema  Lecturer

Kasturi Ray  Women and Gender Studies  Chair

Kat DeGuzman  English  Assistant Professor

Katharine Mahalic  Cinema Department  Part Time Lecturer

Katharine Young  Anthropology  Lecturer

Katherine A. Gordy  Political Science  Associate Professor

Kathi Lampkin,RN,MSN,FNP  Nursing Dept.  Lecturer Instructor

Kathleen McAfee  International Relations  Professor

Kathleen Skillicorn  BECA  Lecturer

Kathy Emery  Political Science  Lecturer

Katie Manbachi  Sociology and Sexuality Studies  Lecturer

Kazunori Okada  Computer Science  Professor

Keith Wilson  Cinema  Lecturer

Kendra Van Cleave  Library  Associate Librarian

Kenn Burrows  Rec, Parks, Tourism & Holistic Health  Lecturer (full time)

Kenneth Monteiro  Psychology  Professor of Psychology

Kent Lau  Chemistry and Biochemistry  Lecturer

Kent Lorenz  Kinesiology  Assistant Professor

Kevin B. Chen  School of Art  Lecturer

Kevin Croshal  Political Science  Lecturer

Kevin Kelly  ELSIT  Lecturer Faculty

Kevin Levey  Department of Earth & Climate Sciences  Lecturer

Kim Bailey  Recreation, Parks & Tourism  Part Time Lecturer

Kim Baranek  Health Education  Lecturer

Kimberley A. Arteche  School of Art  Lecturer

Kimberly Seashore  Mathematics  Assistant professor

Kira Donnell  Asian American Studies  Lecturer

Kirill Chernomaz  Economics  Associate Professor

Kirsten Hilbert  English  Lecturer

Kitty Millet  Jewish Studies  Professor

Kristen McGraw  Chemistry and Biochemistry  Lecturer

Kristin Agius  English  Lecturer

Kristin L. Dempsey  Counseling  Lecturer

Kristin Phillips-Matson  Counseling  Lecturer

Kristine M. Okimura  Earth and Climate Science  Lecturer

Kristine Salvoni  Nursing  Clinical instructor

Kurt Nutting  Philosophy  Lecturer

Kwadwo Duane Deterville  Africana Studies  Lecturer Faculty

Kwong-Liem Karl Kwan  Counseling  Associate Professor

Kyle Beckham  Child and Adolescent Development  Lecturer

Kyle Dupen  Philosophy  Lecturer

Kyle Livie  History  Lecturer

Kym Morrison  History  Assistant Professor

LaChanda Davis  Philosophy  Lecturer

Lacy Coniglio  Nursing  Clinical instructor

Lara Cushing  Health Education  Assistant Professor

Larry Hanley  English  Professor

Larry Horvath  Secondary Education  Associate Professor

Larry Salomon  Race and Resistance Studies  Lecturer

Laura García Moreno  Humanities and Liberal Studies  Professor

Laura Green  Cinema  Assistant Professor

Laura Lisy-Wagner  History  Chair

Laura Mamo  Health Education  Professor, tenure line

Laura Savage  ELSIT/JOUR  Lecturer

Laura Wayth  Theatre and Dance  Associate Professor

Lauren Cirina  English  Lecturer

Lauren Tombari  Economics  Lecturer

Laurence Frabotta  Biology  Lecturer

Laurene Dominguez  CAPS  Counselor Faculty-Lecturer

Leandra Peloquin  CAPS  Mental Health Case Manager

Lee Chen-Weinstein  English  Lecturer

Lee Friedman  School of Design  Lecturer

Leigh Jin  Information Systems  Professor

Len Haynes  Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts  Lecturer

Leslie Quintanilla  Women and Gender Studies  Assistant Professor

Leslie Timpe  Biology  Lecturer

Leticia Hernandez  LTNS  Lecturer

Lewis Kawahara  Asian American Studies  Lecturer

Leyla Ozsen  Decision Sciences  Associate Professor

Lia Ryland  Library  Cataloging Librarian

Liana Low  Clinical Laboratory Science  Lecturer

Libby Black  School of Art  Assistant Professor

Lightfoot Wilhite  CAPS  Counselor Faculty

Lijia Lumsden  Communication Studies  Lecturer

Lilit Mazmanyan  Mechanical Engineering  Lecturer

Lily Liang  Sociology  Lecturer

Linda Chen  Biology  Lecturer

Linda Mariscal  School of Nursing  Lecturer/Clinical Instructor

Linda Saytes  LFCOB  Lecturer

Lisa Jones  Mathematics  Lecturer

Lisa M. Vallin  Sociology and Sexuality Studies  Lecturer

Lisa Marlowe  School of Nursing  Clinical Instructor

Lisa Moore  Public Health Education  Associate Professor

Lisa Solomon  School of Art  Lecturer

Lisa Vicar  English/CMS  Lecturer

Lisa Wu  Chemistry  Lecturer

Lissette Jimenez  Museum Studies, School of Art  Lecturer

Lizzy Borges  Library  Education Librarian

Logan Hennessy  Humanities and Liberal Studies  Associate Professor

Lok Man Lo  Economics  Adjunct Faculty

Loretta Stec  English  Professor

Lorraine Dong  Asian American Studies  Professor

Louie Giambattista  Information Systems  Lecturer

Lucas Metcalf-Tobin  RPT & Holistic Health  Lecturer

Lucia Volk  International Relations  Professor

Luella Fu  Mathematics  Assistant Professor

Luna Abdallah  Biology/CEL  Lecturer

Lyle Nagatomo  BECA  Staff Technician

Lyn Motai  English  Lecturer

M. Dawn Terrell  Psychology  FERP

Maarten Golterman  Physics and Astronomy  Professor

Mahmood Monshipouri  IR Dept.  Chair/Professor

Maiya Evans  Health Education  Lecturer

Makiko Asano  MLL  Associate Professor

Malahat Fardadi  Engineering  Lecturer

Malcolm Cecil  BECA  Lecturer 

Manav Thapar  RPT  Adjunct Faculty

Mandy Brinkmann  Chemistry and Biochemistry  Lecturer

Mandy Ross  Kinesiology  Lecturer

Manely Sharifian  Management  Assistant Professor

Marc Martin  Communication Studies  Adjunct

Marcela García-Castañon  Political Science  Assistant Professor

Margaret Rhee  Ethnic Studies  Lecturer

Maria Radoslavova  Management  Lecturer

Maria Renu Cappelli  WGS  Lecturer

Maria Veri  Kinesiology  Associate Professor

Marialice Kern  Kinesiology  Professor

Mariana K. Leal Ferreira  Humanities and Liberal Studies  Professor

Maricel G. Santos  English  Professor 

Marie Drennan  BECA  Associate Professor

Marie Thomas McNaughton  Humanities  Lecturer

Marie V. Glumac  Political Science and Criminal Justice  Lecturer

Marina Paredes  Nursing  Lecturer

Marissa Moser  School of Nursing  Lecturer – Gerentology

Mark Allan Davis  Africana Studies  Assistant Professor

Mark Bautista, Ph.D.  Metro College Success Program  Lecturer

Mark Chan  Biology  Assistant Professor

Mark Ciotola  Design  Lecturer

Mark Jones  Communication Studies  Lecturer

Mark Sigmon  History  Lecturer

Marla Lowenthal  Communication  Adjunct

Marley Zalay  Health Education Department  Lecturer

Martha Gorzycki  Cinema  Professor

Martha Kenne  Women and Gender Studies  Assistant Professor

Martha Lincoln  Anthropology  Assistant Professor

Martha Rusk  English  Lecturer

Martin Carcieri  Political Science  Professor

Marty Martinson  Health Education  Associate Professor, Chair

Mary Ann van Dam  Nursing  Professor & Director

Mary Halloran  Mathematics  Lecturer

Mary Hughes Stone  Psychology  Lecturer

Mary Juno  Criminal Justice Studies  Adjunct

Mary Requa  Special Education  Assistant Professor

Mary Scott  Humanities  Professor

Mary Soliday  English Lang and Lit  Professor

Mary Warden  English  Lecturer

Maryam Hasan  Computing Science  Lecturer

Maryssa Mitsch  Special Education  Assistant Professor

Matt Silverman  Clinical Laboratory Science  Lecturer

Matthew D Fisher  Management  Lecturer

Matthew Ringard  Communication Studies  Lecturer

Matthias Beck  Mathematics  Professor

Maura Corcoran  Chemistry and Biochemistry  Lecturer

Maureen Fitzgerald  English  Lecturer

Max Lee  Economics  Assistant Professor

Maxine Chernoff  Creative Writing  Professor

May-lee Chai  Creative Writing  Assistant Professor

Mays Danfoura  Earth and Climate Sciences  Lecturer

Maziar Behrooz  History  Associate Professor

Meg Schoerke  English  Professor

Megan Gredesky  CAPS  Temporary Counselor

Melissa Bowman  Counseling  Lecturer

Melissa Guzman Garcia  Latina/o Studies  Assistant Professor

Melissa Hagan  Psychology  Assistant Professor

Melissa Seelye  Library  Senior Assistant Librarian

Meredith Eliassen  Library  Lecturer, Senior Assistant Librarian

Mi-sook Kim  Kinesiology  Professor

Michael Anderson  Classics  Full Professor

Michael Arcega  School of Art  Associate Professor

Michael Bar  Economics  Professor

Michael Black  Kinesiology  Lecturer

Michael Boyd  Kinesiology  Lecturer-on leave

Michael Choi  Chemistry and Biochemistry  Lecturer

Michael Coyne  English  Lecturer

Michael David Lukas  Creative Writing  Assistant Professor

Michael Loebs  Political Science  Adjunct Lecturer

Michael Maxwell  Mathematics  Lecturer

Michael Mitchell  Creative Arts BECA Dept.  1.0 Lecturer

Michael Sudduth  Philosophy  Lecturer

Michael Zisman  Music  Lecturer

Michele J. Eliason  Health Education  Professor

Michelle Carter  Creative Writing  Professor

Michelle Clark  English  Lecturer

Miguel Balboa  Philosophy  Lecturer

Miho Lee  Asian American Studies  Lecturer

Mira Foster  Library  Associate Professor

Miriam Lewis  Theatre and Dance  Lecturer

Miriam Sheiner  School of Design  Lecturer

Miriam Smith  BECA  Associate Professor

Mitra Ara  Modern Languages and Literatures  Associate Professor

Mohammad Azadpur  Philosophy  Professor

Mohammad Hajiaboli  Engineering  Lecturer

Mohammad Salama  MLL  Professor

Mojtaba Azadi  Engineering  Assistant professor

Molly Strear  Counseling  Assistant Professor

Morning Star Padilla  Library  Arts and Humanities Librarian

Mutlu Ozer  Engineering  Lecturer

Myron Berkman  Secondary Education  Lecturer

Nan Alamilla Boyd  Women and Gender Studies  Professor

Nanci Roman Gonzalez  CAD  Lecturer

Nancy Martin  FINA  Lecturer

Nancy Rivera  Nursing  Lecturer

Nasser Jalali  School of Design  Lecturer

Nasser Shahrasbi  Information Systems  Assistant Professor

Natalia Ades  English  Lecturer

Natalia Igu  College of Engineering  Lecturer

Natalia Porter  School of Design  Lecturer

Natalia Tkachov  Modern Languages and Literatures  Lecturer

Ned Fielden  Library  Librarian

Neil Lindeman  English  Associate Professor

Nestor Castillo  Latina/o Studies and Race and Resistance  Lecturer

Nguyen Le  Math  Lecturer

Niccolo Caldararo  Anthropology  Lecturer

Nicholas Conway  Political Science  Assistant Professor

Nicholas Gamso  Art/Art History  Lecturer

Nicholas Serafin  Philosophy  Visiting Assistant Professor

Nick Sousanis  HUM/LS  Assistant Professor

Nicole Adelstein Levander  Chemistry & Biochemistry  Asst Professor

Nicole Allensworth  Library  Librarian

Nicole Bolter  Kinesiology  Associate Professor

Nicole Corrales  CHSS Assoc. Deans Office

Nicole Leopardo  Race and Resistance Studies  Lecturer

Nicole Salazar Velmeshev  Biology  Assistant Professor

Nikolas Nackley  Music  Lecturer

Nina Hagiwara  Library  Asst. Librarian

Nina Hosmane  Biology  Lecturer

Nina S. Roberts  Recreation, Parks, & Tourism  Professor

Nobuko Takamatsu  Modern Languages & Literature  Lecturer

Nona Caspers  Creative Writing  Chair & Professor

Olga White  BECA  Lecturer

Olivia Albiero  Modern Languages and Literatures  Assistant Professor

Omar Ali  English Language and Literature  Lecturer

Oona Patchen  English  Lecturer 

Orion Steele  Communication Studies  Lecturer Faculty

Ornella Mattei  Mathematics  Assistant Professor

Oscar Jerome Stewart  Management  Assistant Professor

Pablo Riquelme  Cinema  Production Coordinator

Paige Viren  RPT&HH  Assistant Professor

Paloma Mathern  Communication Studies  Internship Director

Pam Schneider  FINA  Instructor

Pat Ferrero  Cinema  Professor Emeritus

Pat McGinnis  PACE  Lecturer

Patricia Cavanagh  Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences  Lecturer

Patricia Porter  English  Professor Emerita

Patricia Sullivan  Elementary Education  Lecturer

Patrick Smith  Philosophy  Lecturer

Patrick Tierney  Recreation Parks and Tourism  Professor

Paul Beckman  Information Systems  Professor

Paul Ellison  Music  Lecturer

Paul Glanting  College of Business  Lecturer

Paul Hoover  Creative Writing  Professor

Paul Morris  English  Assistant Professor

Paul S. Flores  Theater and Dance  Adjunct

Paul Steward  American Indian Studies  Lecturer

Paula Levine  School of Art  Professor

Pavlina Latkova  RPT & Holistic Health  Associate Professor

Persis Karim  Comparative & World Literature  Professor

Peter Biella  Anthropology  Professor

Peter C. DeHaas  Special Education  Lecturer American Sign Language

Peter Richardson  School of Humanities and Liberal Studies  Lecturer

Philip Nguyen  Asian American Studies  Lecturer

Philip Prinz  Special Education  Professor

Pietro Calogero  Public Affairs & Civic Engagement  Lecturer

Pike Long  Criminal Justice Studies  Lecturer

Pleuni Pennings  Biology  Assistant Professor

Ponipate R Rokolekutu  RRS  Assistant Professor

Priyanvada Abeywickrama  English  Associate Professor

Prof. Natalio Avani  Secondary Education  Professor Emeritus

Qian Guo  Geography and Environment  Associate professor

R. L. Rutsky  Cinema  Associate Professor

Rabab Abdulhadi  AMED Studies, CoES  Associate Professor, Director

Rachael Hill  History  Visiting Assistant Professor

Rachel Gross  Jewish Studies  Assistant Professor

Rajeev Naidu  BECA  Lecturer

Ray Oppenheimer  Theatre & Dance  Lecturer

Ray Tadio  School of Theatre and Dance  Associate Professor

Raymond Esquerra  Chemistry and Biochemistry  Professor

Rebecca Eissler  Political Science  Assistant Professor

Regina Anders-Jefferson  Psychology  Lecturer

Regula Dhedhi  Kinesiology  Lecturer 

Rekia Gina Jibrin  Criminal Justice  Lecturer

René Juarez Vazquez  Latina/Latino Studies  Lecturer

Reuben Zellman  School of Music  Lecturer

Reza D. Ghafur  Psychology  Lecturer

Rhian Edra  Nursing  Clinical instructor

Ricardo Gomes  Design  Professor

Richard Dugdale  EOS Center  Lecturer

Richard Friedman  Special Education  Instructor

Richard Hutton  Geography & Environment  Lecturer

Rick Harvey  Holistic Health and RPT  Associate Professor

Rick Nizzardini  CAPS  Tenure Track Counselor Faculty

Rick Wing  Decision Sciences  Lecturer

Riham Barbar  Economics  Lecturer

Rita Rodriguez, Ph.D. Psychology  Lecturer (Former Asst. Prof.)

Rita Takahashi  Social Work  Professor

Rob Thomas  Humanities  Lecturer

Robert Allen  HED  Lecturer

Robert Bonner  Management  Assistant Professor

Robert C. Strong  Marketing  Lecturer 

Robert Kols  English  Asst. Professor

Robert Natata  School of Design  Adjunct Professor

Robert R Boller  Communication  Lecturer

Robert Saltzman  Decision Sciences  Professor

Roberta D’Alois  College of Business  Lecturer

Roberto Vasquez  Mathematics  Lecturer

Robin Meyerowitz  English  Lecturer

Roe Gallo  Comm Studies  Lecturer

Roger Kuhn  American Indian Studies  Lecturer

Roger Woodward  Music  Professor

Ron Hayduk  Political Science  Professor

Ron Purser  Management  Full Professor

Rori Rohlfs  Biology  Assistant professor

Rosa Park  Cinema  Assistant Professor

Rosa Vega  Justice Studies-Forensics  PT Lecturer

Rosemary Orozco  BECA  Instructor

Rossana Chion Cunningham  Modern Languages  Lecturer of Spanish

Roy Conboy  ThD & CW  Professor

Ruby Turalba  HED  Lecturer

Ruth Gildea  Communication Studies  Lecturer

Ruth White  Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences  Lecturer

Ryan Lescure  Communication Studies  Lecturer

Ryan M Moore  Sociology  Adjunct Instructor

Ryan Mardesich  Theatre and Dance  Adjunct Lecturer

Sada Soorapanth  Decision Sciences  Associate Professor

Sam Moussavi  Criminal Justice  Lecturer

Sami Reist  BECA  Professor

Samuel McCormick  Communication Studies  Associate Professor

Sandra Fitzgerald  Counseling  Associate professor

Sandra J Osborne  FINA  Lecturer

Sandra Luft  Humanities  Professor Emerita

Sandra Radtka  Physical Therapy  Lecturer

Sandra Tramiel  Nursing  Clinical Instructor

Sandy Vaughn  Social Work  Lecturer

Santhi Kavuri-Bauer  School of Art  Professor

Sara Baguskas  Geography & Environment  Assistant Professor

Sara Felder  English & Theatre  Lecturer

Sara Marinelli  Humanities  Lecturer

Sarah Anne Cox  English  Lecturer

Sarah Bakker  Sociology  Part-time Lecturer

Sarah Cohen  Biology  Professor

Sarah Crabtree  History  Associate Professor

Sarah Curtis  History  Professor

Sarah Pawlowsky  Physical Therapy  Lecturer

Sarah Wongking  RRS  Lecturer

Sarita Santos  Special Education  Lecturer

Sarolta Cump  Women and Gender Studies  Lecturer

Scot Tucker  Journalism  Full-Time Lecturer

Scott Boswell  Cinema  Assistant Professor

Scott Patterson  BECA  Professor

Scott Siegel  International Relations  Assistant Professor

Scott W Roy  Biology  Associate Professor

Sean Connelly  Humanities  Adjunct Lecturer

Sean McFarland  School of Art  Assistant Professor

See-Won Byun  International Relations  Assistant Professor

Seon-Hye Moon  ETHN, CAD, RRS, AAS  Lecturer

Sepideh Modrek  Economics  Assistant Professor

Shabnam Piryaei  BECA  Assistant Professor

Shadee Abdi  Communication Studies  Assistant Professor

Shahrdad Tabib, PhD  School of Engineering  Lecturer

Shamont Hussey  Child & Adolescent Development (CAD)  Lecturer

Shandy Hauk  Mathematics  Associate Professor

Sharon Bowles  DOC and CAD  Lecturer

Sharon Jones  Africana Studies  Lecturer

Shasta Ihorn  Psychology  Assistant Professor

Shawn Heiser  Library  Librarian

Shawn Taylor  Liberal Studies  Lecturer

Sheila R. Tully  Anth & WGS  Lecturer

Shelley Wilcox  Philosophy  Professor

Sheri Kennedy  History  Lecturer

Sheri Park  Visual Arts  Graduate Teaching Associate

Sherrill Baldwin Halbe  FINA  Lecturer

Sherry Katz  History  Lecturer

Shonette M Steiger, MSN, RN  Nursing  Lecturer

Silvia Harris-Payne  Management- CoB  Lecturer

Simmy Makhijania  AAS + RRS  Lecturer

Smitha Antony  School of Nursing  Lecturer

Socorro Soberano  School of Design  Lecturer

Sofia de Almeida  English  Lecturer

Soumyaa Kapil Behrens  Cinema  Lecturer

Soyeon Park  CAD  Professor and Department Chair

Stacey Zupan  Humanities  Lecturer

Stefano Alberti  Decision Science  Adjunct

Stephanie Currie  Apparel Design and Merchandising  Lecturer

Stephanie Cyr  Kinesiology  Lecturer, Personal Defense

Steve Choe  Cinema  Associate Professor

Steve Harris  History  Lecturer

Steve Horowitz  Music  Lecturer

Steve Leikin  History  Lecturer

Steve Weinstein  Biology  Associate Professor

Steven Kovacs  Cinema  Professor

Steven M Dickison  Creative Writing  Lecturer

Steven Thompson  School of Design  Lecturer

Sujian Guo  Political Science  Professor

Sukanya Chakrabarti  Theatre and Dance  Assistant Professor

Summer Star  English  Associate Professor

Susan Belau  Art  Associate Professor

Susan Chen  CAPS  Counselor Faculty

Susan Cuong  College of Health & Social Sciences

Susan Englander  History  Lecturer

Susan Kazarian  Clinical Lab Science  Lecturer

Susanna Jones  CHSS  Professor

Sybil Yang  Hospitality, Tourism Management  Assistant Professor

T Adam Burke  RPT  Professor

Tae Furuse  International Business  Lecturer

Taghi Amjadi  CAPS  Faculty counselor

Tai-Yin Chi  Information Systems  Assistant Professor

Tania Pollak  Biology  Lecturer

Tanya Augsburg  School of Humanities & Liberal Studies  Professor

Tanya Hollis  Library  Lecturer

Tara Lockhart  English  Professor

Taryn Wong  CHSS SOAR TRIO Program

Taylor Fredericks  English Language and Literature  Lecturer

Taylor Harman  DUEAP/TASC  Lecturer

Tendai Chitewere  Geography & Environment  Professor

Teresa Pratt  English  Assistant Professor

Terrance Graven  Cinema  Lecturer

Terrilyn Woodfin  Africana Studies  Lecturer

Terry Boero  School of Theatre & Dance  Lecturer

Theresa Hammond  Accounting  Professor

Theresa Roeder  Decision Sciences  Professor

Tim Shaw  HTM  Lecturer/Chef

Tim Wolcott  Communication Studies  Lecturer

Todd Walker  English  Lecturer

Tolga Akgun  Foreign Languages  Lecturer

Tom Lugo  English  Part-time lecturer

Tomoko Komada  Chemistry & Biochemistry  Professor

Tomomi Kinukawa  Women and Gender Studies  Lecturer

Toni Mirosevich  Creative Writing  Professor

Tony Sparks  PACE  Associate Professor

Tracy Ward  Cinema/Theatre  Lecturer

Travis K Svensson  Cinema  GA

Trenton Stewart Biology  Lecturer

Trevor Getz  History  Professor

Trisha Gonzales-Waters  Elementary Education  Lecturer

Twila Brown  Nursing  Lecturer

Tyler Lacy  English  Lecturer

Tyler Sciacqua  English  Lecturer

UrsulaAnn Siataga  Race & Resistance Studies  Lecturer

V Michelini Castillo  Latinx Studies/RRS  Adjunct Professor

Valerie Francisco-Menchavez  Soc & Sexuality Studies  Assistant Prof

Valerie Lee  Kinesiology  Lecturer

Valerie Soe  AAS  Professor

Vanessa Powers  English  Lecturer

Venise Wagner  Journalism  Professor

Venoo Kakar  Economics  Associate Professor

Vera Klimkovsky  Mathematics/Decision Sciences  Lecturer

Veronica Gonzalez  Advising

Verónica Rabelo  Management  Assistant Professor

Veronica Sovero  Economics  Assistant Professor

Victor De La Rosa  Art  Professor

Victoria Quijano  Health Education  Lecturer

Vidhyacharan Bhaskar  Electrical and Computer Engineering  Lecturer

Vinay Shrivastava  BECA  Professor

Vincent Lam  Health Education  Lecturer, Graduate Program Coordinator

Virginia Montelongo  Justice Studies  Lecturer

Vivian Chavez  Health Education  Associate Professor

Volker Langbehn  MLL  Professor

Vreni Michelini-Castillo  Ethnic Studies  Adjunct Lecturer

Wei Ming Dariotis  Asian American Studies  Professor

Weimin Zhang  Cinema  Professor

Wendell Hanna  School of Music  Professor

Wendy Diamond  School of Theatre and Dance  Lecturer

Wendy Scheffers  SPED Orientation and Mobility  Lecturer 

Wenshen Pong  Engineering  Professor

Wesley Ueunten  Asian American Studies  Professor

Whitney Liu  English  Lecturer

Whitney Taylor  Political Science  Assistant Professor

Wilfred Denetclaw, PhD  Biology  Associate Professor

William Cochlan  EOS Center and Biology  Lecturer 

William Jacobs  Library  Associate Professor

Wynd Kaufmyn  Engineering & Technology  Instructor

Xiaorong Zhang  Engineering  Associate Professor

Ya Wang  Library  Associate Librarian

Yana Dugan  Special Education  Instructor

Yasalde Jimenez  Information Systems  Adjunct Professor

Yeon-Shim Lee  Social Work  Professor

Yiyi Wang  SoE  Assistant Professor

Yoko Toriyabe  Chemistry  Lecturer

Yolanda Gamboa  CAPS  Counselor Faculty-Training Coordinator

Yuji Shibuya  Decision Science  Lecturer

Yuki Obayashi  Asian American Studies  Lecturer

Yutian Wong  Theatre/Dance  Associate Professor

Zara Zimbardo  RPT & HH  Adjunct Lecturer

Zena Mello  Psychology  Associate Professor

Zoe Martell  Psychology  Lecturer

Zoe McCloskey  Design  Lecturer

Zoe McCloskey  School of Design  Lecturer

Zuzana Janko  Economics  Associate Professor