Radio Free CSU: Listen to second podcast, learn about CFA centering anti-racism as part of its mission

CFA’s podcast, Radio Free CSU, is continuing to gain momentum, and the second episode of the inaugural series, “Stronger Together” provides an inspirational look at why the union has intentionally centered anti-racism as part of its mission.

In this episode, host Audrena Redmond and CSU San Marcos Professor Sharon Elise discuss the concept and history of race in America. Also discussed is how CFA’s anti-racism effort has affected Elise as a faculty member of color, and what others can expect to come from the union’s Anti-Racism and Social Justice Transformation work.

“When people haven’t addressed the ways that this culture and our socialization with them impact us, then we cannot properly serve students who are having these experiences. And I know, even from some of my white colleagues, that they walk into a classroom now and face a class of predominantly students of color. They want to know what their pedagogy should be and they realize that it needs to change; that they need to know what the experiences are that these students are having—what they’re bringing into the class with them, how we can be enriched by that.

“This is not just a question of us helping others, but it’s that these are proud stories and rich cultures that are really going to make us so much better at what we do and our understanding of humanity and of our capacity. So it’s really, I think, a beautiful day. And California is going to be in the forefront of this because of CFA.”