Resolution for preserving the integrity of AB 1460

Whereas Governor Gavin Newsom has now signed a historic bill that mandates that all students in the CSU take one course in ethnic studies and

Whereas numerous attempts were made during the long battle to pass AB 1460 to water down its provisions by opting that any number of departments could teach it (all of which were stricken down) and 

Whereas ethnic studies is a specific discipline that comes out the civil rights movement and the struggle against racism and has a history that is specific to SFSU and the Third World strike of 1968-1969 and

Whereas while other disciplines certainly ought to be teaching about racial justice, nonetheless the discipline of ethnic studies should be provided the autonomy and self-determination of what constitutes ethnic studies as such and

Whereas one of the primary purposes of AB 1460 was to allow CSU campuses that do not have an established ethnic studies program to build that capacity (something that would not happen if this bill were applied more broadly)

Therefore be it resolved that the CFA-SFSU chapter recognizes the historical importance of the passage of AB 1460 and

Be it further resolved that we adamantly oppose the effort coming from the CSU chancellor’s office to allow ethnic studies courses to be taught by anyone other than ethnic studies departments themselves.