Resolution to support the AMED Program

Whereas the CFA believes that academic freedom means that faculty should be allowed to teach what they are trained to teach and not be forced to teach things that they have no background in and

Whereas when faculty are hired, the conditions upon which they agreed to be hired must be honored and not breached and

Whereas the current disaster threatens many integral and small programs which need more rather than less protection for the sake of intellectual variety (which does not always follow trends of popularity) and 

Whereas the AMED program was meant to be built up as a stand-alone  program , with two more tenure track hires, neither of which was actually done and 

Therefore be it resolved that the CFA-SFSU executive board calls on the administration to allow AMED to become a stand alone program, to hire two more tenure track faculty and to not require Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi to teach anything but AMED courses, including this very semester.