Resolution in Support of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement

Whereas, the CFA East Bay Chapter upholds the ideals of equal justice under the law, racial justice, and human dignity for all of our students; and

Whereas, the recent deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and too many others, compel questioning of whether or not equal justice under the law is possible for young men of color particularly poor young men of color; and

Whereas, these deaths are indicative of a growing social-economic division that threatens the current and future well-being of our students of color; and

Whereas, we experience the toxic impact of the intersection of racism and poverty in too many of our students’ lives and in our classrooms; and

Whereas, while we recognize that there have been some strides within police departments across the nation to engage in constructive dialogue and good faith efforts to improve relations among officers and communities of color and young people, problems still exist and improvements are needed in order to protect lives; and

Whereas, we express solidarity with the thousands of protesters in the Bay Area and throughout the nation who are peacefully expressing their outrage and frustration at the deaths of unarmed

African-Americans; and

Whereas, while we profoundly believe and insist that the lives of our black students matter, and that all black lives matter, we also believe that the growing divide between “haves and have nots” in

American society undermines the realization of that belief in the actual workings of the criminal justice system, our schools, and the economy,

Therefore, be it resolved that we encourage CFA East Bay Chapter members to explore the concepts of equal justice under the law, racial justice, and institutional racism in their classrooms and other academic spaces; and

Be it further resolved that the CFA East Bay Chapter support Black Lives Matter forums, community meetings, and peaceful demonstrations; and

Be it further resolved that the CFA East Bay Chapter support the “Black Friday 14” protesters and urge the BART Board of Directors not to levy fines or other punishments against community members for engaging in non-violent direct action; and

Be it further resolved that the CFA East Bay Chapter reach out to the CSUEB University Police to promote dialogue between educators and police officers in support of our University community; and

Be it finally resolved, that CFA East Bay join with other labor and community groups to call for the creation of a national model for community policing and well-funded, thoughtful programs that divert marginalized young people into academic and career programs, and an end to institutionalized racism in the criminal justice system.

Approved by the CFA East Bay Executive Board on February 8, 2015