Right to Appear
Faculty Equity Resolution #2: Right to Appear

Whereas, it is the responsibility of SFSU President, Provost, Deans, Academic Senate and Department Chairs to guide implementation of and ensure compliance with the university mission statement, which affirms an “unwavering commitment to social justice that is central to the work of the university;” and

Whereas, social justice is a concept of fair and just (equitable) relations between the individual and society, as measured by the distribution of wealth, opportunities for personal activity, and social privileges; and

Whereas, representation that marks individuals or groups as marginal or inferior is inconsistent with the social justice mission of the university; and

Whereas, instruction is a core, essential purpose of the University; and

Whereas, lecturer faculty serve as instructors for approximately 60% of course units at SFSU; and

Whereas, lecturer faculty are indispensable members of the campus community; and

Whereas, representation matters; to be silenced, erased, or marginalized is to be treated as being without value, but to be recognized and represented is to be treated with respect; and

Whereas, lecturer faculty are routinely marginalized on department websites and public visual displays (such as bulletin boards), being relegated to a separate page for “adjuncts” or omitted from or marginalized within visual displays; and 

Whereas, no legitimate purpose, instructional or otherwise, is served by representing lecturer faculty as inferior members of the campus community; and

Whereas, when departments segregate their faculty on their websites into two separate pages, labeling one “faculty” and the other “lecturers” or “adjuncts,” it incorrectly implies lecturer faculty are not faculty, and it makes it difficult for students to locate their faculty when they are not on the “faculty” page; and

Whereas, when some faculty are marginalized for purely nominal reasons, all faculty are harmed as it divides rather than unifies us, undermining both individual and institutional goals; and

Whereas, faculty are better positioned to deliver quality education to their students when they believe that the university recognizes and appreciates their academic accomplishments.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Executive Board of the San Francisco chapter of the California Faculty Association:

1.     Calls on the President, Provost, Deans and Academic Senate to instruct all university colleges, schools and departments to adhere to the following practices; and

2.     Calls on department chairs to proactively implement the following practices:

I.  List faculty of all ranks alphabetically within the same webpage, differentiating them only by title (such as “Associate Professor” or “Lecturer Faculty”) and apply identical visual and textual treatment to each.

II.  Include lecturer faculty in physical visual displays (such as bulletin boards) with identical treatment as is applied to other ranks, such as photo, list of achievements, publications, courses taught, etc. 

III.  Include lecturer faculty in lists of faculty appearing in print publications, with identical treatment as is applied to all other faculty.

IV.  If the university, college, school, department or program singles out individual faculty achievements on occasion within its physical, digital or print visual spaces, it should make every effort to give equal time to recognizing the achievements of lecturer faculty.