Series spotlights CSU faculty, salary impacts

The increasing use of contingent faculty by CSU management and the hardships they face is highlighted by news organization Capital & Main.

“Teaching Today: Leleua Loupe’s journey as a freeway flyer” by David Bacon, profiles the impact stagnant salary and working conditions have had on the CSU Fullerton Lecturer’s life.

The story is part of Capital & Main’s feature “State of Inequality,” a month-long series examining the disappearance of the middle class and how economic inequality is impacting California.

An excerpt reads:

If only Loupe could get a tenured position she’d be able to envision a secure future.

“When I began I had this idea of being a professional and having a career. Now I just have a job. I see people given tenure with less experience or publishing, while some of the most talented faculty are still untenured. People say, ‘You have to pay your dues,’ or ‘You’re lucky to have a job.’ But really, we should all have tenure, especially after teaching 10 years. People should be lecturers only by choice, not because they’re forced into making a living this way.”

With no secure future in sight in California, Loupe is planning a return to her roots in Hawaii. “It’s a huge risk — to take 10 years to build up again what I have now,” she worries. “But the way we’re living isn’t sustainable.”

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*Photo by David Bacon, used with permission from Capital & Main