Speak out: We want to hear from those denied admission to the CSU

Were you or a student you know turned away from the CSU, despite meeting all of the qualification criteria?

We want to hear from you.

Tens of thousands of qualified California students are turned away each year due to lack of adequate state funding to keep up with enrollment growth. Last year, 31,400 qualified students were denied admission.

We are advocating for additional state funding for the CSU this fiscal year. It’s time that the state reinvest in the university system that is the economic engine of California. Click here to contact us via a secure online form or download a PDF and return it. We will contact you about sharing your story with legislators and others who are making decisions about CSU funding.

To learn more about the chronic underfunding of the CSU and our Pop-Up Art Installation “Every Student Deserves a Seat,” click here.