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Lecturers unemployment help

Dear Fellow Lecturers:

If you were unaware or had forgotten, lecturers in the CSU can apply for unemployment when not teaching.

Assuming you are not teaching this summer, you can apply after you have submitted your grades.

To apply, go to

  • On the first screen of the questionnaire, question 4 asks for your phone number. Use your cellphone number if you have one; if EDD tries to call you, you will want to be available.
  • On the third screen:
  • 1f. Telephone Number of Last Employer: 323-343-3694 (Human Resources; use this number, not your department number)
  • 1g. Immediate Supervisor: your department chair
  • 3. Last Date Worked: find the end date for the quarter on your schedule on GET
  • 4. Gross wages for last week of work:
  • First, multiply the gross monthly wages from your most recent paycheck by 4. This tells you how much you earn for the whole quarter.
  • Then, divide that amount by 11 to determine weekly wages.
  • 5. Reason No Longer Working: Laid Off/Lack of Work
  • 5a. In the box, put the following: My part-time, contingent, temporary job ended; EDD 1253.3g and the Cervisi decision establish that I lack reasonable assurance of future work.
  • 6. Leave everything blank
  • On the fourth screen:
  • 1-1. i. Answer 1-1. j. first to determine the number of hours per week you work.
  • Then, divide your gross weekly wages from Screen 3, #4 by the number of hours per week you work.
  • 1-1. j. To determine the number of hours per week you work (fictionally, of course—we all work much more than this!!):
  • First, divide the number of units you are currently teaching or were teaching by 15.
  • Then, multiply the result by 40.
  • 4.The answer to this question is “NO.” You may feel very strongly that you “expect” to work for the CSU again, but Cervisi establishes quite absolutely that you do NOT have a reasonable “expectation” (or “assurance”) of future work. Even if you are in the middle of a three-year contract. If you are teaching part-time in the CSU, you do NOT have a legal “expectation” of work.
  • On the fifth screen:
  • 3. NO, our work is not seasonal.
  • 4. NO, you do not “expect” (in the legal, not the emotional or psychological sense) to return to work.
  • 5. NO, you do not have a date to start work.
  • 6. YES, you are available for immediate full-time work.
  • 8. YES, you are a member of a union (if you’re not, go to and click on “Join CFA” at the right)
  • 8a.California Faculty Association
  • 8b.1983
  • 8c.916-441-4848
  • 8d-g. All NO.
  • On the sixth screen:
  • Answer the questions according to your own situation for question 7, say YES—there’s no reason not to.
  • Be sure to register and post your resume on CalJOBS.

Some of these answers have been updated since our last message. If you already applied using the old information, the changes and pieces of information are minor and won’t matter (the CFA phone number), so don’t worry about it.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have any trouble, please let us know immediately, either by replying to this message or by writing to us at the email addresses given below. You might be contacted for a telephone interview; if so, contact us and we can walk you through the process.

Collecting unemployment benefits is your established, legal right, recognized by the State of California.

Enjoy your break, if you’re getting one, and again, do let us know if you need anything. For further information, see

Also, here is a link to the updated “Crisis Guide,”

In solidarity,

Judy Olson, Lecturer, English, Lecturers’ Representative

John Donovan, Lecturer, History, Lecturer VP