Voting on the Tentative Agreement begins
Voting runs 9 am Nov. 1 to 5 pm Nov. 9

October 30, 2014

Dear CFA member,

Voting on the Tentative Agreement on the 2014-2017 faculty contract begins at 9 am tomorrow, November 1.  You have until the deadline at 5 pm on November 9 to cast your ballot online.


We urge you to vote on this important decision and we hope that you will vote “Yes” to ratify the agreement.

The CFA Bargaining Team and the CFA Board of Directors each recommend unanimously that CFA members vote “Yes” to ratify the Tentative Agreement.

The agreement addresses a broad range of issues including salary, workload, intellectual property, online teaching, sabbatical, extended education, and parental leave. The agreement makes important, even historic, gains in areas that have been priorities for CFA members for many years.


For the first time, both sides in the talks recognized that our salary structure is broken. The problems include salary compression, inversion, misclassification, and stagnation. This agreement begins to fix these long-term problems.


The Tentative Agreement on which you are voting contains only the first year of salary provisions in our three-year contract.

The first year provisions address all faculty with emphasis on the problems of those who have been trapped at the bottom of their respective salary ranks or ranges for too many years.

Assuming this agreement is ratified, beginning in May 2015, we will return to the bargaining table for talks on salary in 2015/16.

At that point, we will work to address further compression among the most senior faculty, to provide more Service Salary Increases (SSIs) within the ranks, and to win more across-the-board General Salary Increases.


Workload is an area of critical importance to faculty. This agreement marks the first time we have made a breakthrough in contract talks on the growing demands for teaching, research and service. The agreement takes the issue seriously, devotes some resources to it, and provides a foundation on which to build in future contracts.


In addition to the gains, significantly, there are NO TAKE-AWAYS in this contract. While other state employees have seen their contributions for healthcare and pensions go up, our contract requires no increases in these areas.

In addition, there are no changes to FERP and no changes in the first year for parking.


Before you vote, we hope that you will examine the details of the agreement to learn how it would apply to your colleagues as well as to yourself.

At at

  • See the FAQ outlining the agreement
  • See a Salary Worksheet to help you estimate the salary impact on an individual
  • See the full “marked-up” text of the agreement


It is our goal to complete ratification in time for the agreement to go to the Board of Trustees for a vote. If we are able to complete the process by that time, we are hopeful that faculty will receive our raises— retroactive to July 1, 2014—early in 2015.

Find the link and instructions to cast your vote, starting at 9 am, Saturday, November 1 at


Teaching in our state system of public higher education has never been easy. And getting a good contract has always been tough. The fallout from the most recent recession on our salaries and workload made it especially challenging to negotiate this agreement.

Despite the obstacles and the problems still to be addressed, we believe the current Tentative Agreement deserves your “Yes” vote.

Thank you for your careful attention to this important decision.


In Union,

Lillian Taiz, CFA President

Andy Merrifield, CFA Bargaining Team Chair

on behalf of the Officers, Board and Bargaining Team of the California Faculty Association

P.S. A reminder that voting on contracts is a right of CFA members like yourself
Faculty members who have not chosen to become CFA members are protected by our contract and  enjoy the rights and salary improvements in the TA. But to vote, they must become CFA members.
Please refer colleagues who wish to vote to the “Join CFA” page on the CFA web site