White Privilege in the CSU Funding Structure

How does structural racism work at California State University?  Our colleague (and CFA Fullerton Executive Board member) Jon Bruschke offers startling insights into CSU’s structural racism problem in an extensive analysis of campus funding structures across the nation’s largest university system. 

Bruschke’s analysis finds that more money — almost $4,000 per student per year — goes to campuses with more white students.  ”[A] hypothetical all-white campus would receive about $9.6 million more per year than an exclusively non-white campus,” Bruschke writes.  “Using actual differences for AY2019–20 ($651 per student) the same figure is $12.4 million. In very concrete actual terms, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is 54% white and receives $17,806 per FTES to educate their student body. CSULA is only 4% white and receives $15,184 per FTES. The student populations are roughly equal size; the difference in funding for AY2019–20 was $24 million.”

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