You can make a difference!
Contribute more to CFA political funds

Teaching and working in the California State University are affected by decisions made at our State Capitol, starting with how much funding the state legislature and the governor will provide to the CSU each year.

CFA political funds are used to support political causes and candidates for the state legislature and statewide ballot measures identified as good for public higher education, for the CSU in particular, and for the faculty and students of the CSU.

Faculty in the campus CFA Chapters interview candidates and make recommendations to the CFA Board of Directors as to whom and what to support at election time.

When we contribute to a candidate individually, our few dollars accomplish a little. But, by banding together through our union, we can have a real impact for the future of the CSU.

As a CFA member, voluntary deductions for CFA political funds are $10 per month (or $5 if gross monthly salary is below $2,000), unless you have previously opted out of these contributions.

You can contribute more

Click here to increase your voluntary contribution to the CFA political funds online using secure DocuSign technology

Whatever amount you choose, thank you for joining together as colleagues to make a difference in the political arena for public higher education.

Please note: Voluntary contributions to the CFA political funds are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.