Long Beach Political Action/Legislative Committee


Political Action/Legislative Committee

The CSULB Political Action/Legislative Committee maintains relationships with local political representatives in the California legislature and garners support for positions that will aid our faculty and students.

Political influence is important because the resolution of most issues we face lies directly in the hands of our legislators and the governor. Thus the state legislators that support the mission of the CSU faculty deserve our support and all legislators need to hear our positions on issues.

During capitol and district lobbying days, we visit local assembly members and senators. CSULB sits in a district represented by Sen. Alan Lowenthal and in the assembly by the Hon. Bonnie Lowenthal. However, many legislators from surrounding districts recognize the regional importance of CSULB for social and economic progress and support our goals accordingly.

To them we address our concerns on various political issues affecting the faculty and the students. During elections, we also support the legislators who support the CSU faculty and students with telephone calling and precinct walking.

Please contact us with any questions you have about issues facing the state legislature and governor that affect CSULB.

Gary Hytrek, Chapter President and PA/LEG Chair