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Gov. Brown Signs Pension Rollback Law

In September, Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 340 which rolls back pension benefits for public employees, including CSU faculty.

AB 340 was passed on the last day of the legislative session with little opportunity for public input and over the objections of state employee groups.

 While CFA supported some of the reforms in AB 340—discontinue abuses such as spiking, for one—the union opposed the bill along with a coalition of allies including SEIU and CSEA due to the regressive cuts in benefits for new employees.

“CFA has long advocated for reforms that ensure sustainable public pension plans. By eliminating the worst abuses in the current pension system, we can do a better job protecting the retirement of hard-working Californians who depend on a modest pension for their retirement years,” said CFA President Lillian Taiz, a professor of history at CSU Los Angeles.

She added, “But while we support commonsense changes to end spiking and abuses of the system, this package unfairly slashes pensions for middle-class, working families. Elements of this package address issues that should be negotiated at the bargaining table, not dictated through legislation.

“We believe the debate should not be focused on hardworking public employees like CSU faculty who have pensions, but rather on the retirement security crisis affecting millions of Americans,” Taiz said.