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Legislative Update
Here are the final outcomes of CFA-sponsored bills for the 2012 legislative term.

Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR) 164: Transparent Search for CSU Chancellor

Author: Richard Pan (D-Sacramento)
Calls for the CSU Trustees to make the process to select a new CSU Chancellor more transparent to ensure that the Trustees’ final selection is based on the needs of students, faculty and other members of the higher education community.
Status: Adopted

Assembly Bill 1723: Televised/ Webcast Board of Trustees meetings

Author: Felipe Fuentes (D – San Fernando Valley)
Would require the CSU Trustees to televise/webcast their meetings. This basic transparency measure would allow students, faculty and staff to see what and how decisions impacting them are made.
Status: Signed into law

Assembly Bill 2497: CSU Early Start Program Oversight

Author: Jose Solorio (D-Santa Ana)
Would require—beginning January 1, 2014, and every two years thereafter—that the Legislative Analyst’s Office, in coordination with the CSU, submit a report to the Legislature detailing the impact of the CSU Early Start Program on student mathematics and English proficiency. The bill would increase accountability and legislative oversight of the CSU to the students they serve and the outcomes of new programs.
Status: Signed into law

Assembly Bill 2427: Extended Education

Author: Betsy Butler (D-Los Angeles)
Would require the CSU to provide an annual report on CSU Extended Education courses on a system-wide and campus-by-campus basis, including, but not limited to, information on student demographics, fees, number of courses and types of courses.
Status: Held in Senate Appropriations


Assembly Bill 1965: Ex-Officio Board of Trustee members

Author: Richard Pan (D-Sacramento)
Would allow ex-officio members of the CSU Board of Trustees to send a designee to Trustee meetings and allow them to vote. Currently, if the ex-officio members are absent, they have no voice or vote at the meeting. CalPERS and CalSTRS use this practice and both entities manage significantly more money than the CSU
Status: Held on Senate floor

Senate Bill 1515: CSU Board of Trustees Reform

Author: Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco)
Would reform the composition of the CSU Board of Trustees to better
reflect the community it governs. Some of the Trustee positions would
be elected. It would increase the student,
faculty and staff representation.
Status: Held in Senate Appropriation