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News Notes: Spring 2012

Equity Conference 2012

CSU Employees Union Settles Contract with Chancellor

While CFA and CSU Management remain at odds in contract talks, members of the California State University Employees Union, which represents staff in CSU Bargaining Units 2, 5, 7 and 9, have reached a tentative agreement for a new contract with Chancellor’s Office representatives.

The tentative agreement must still be ratified by CSUEU members and the Trustees.

Some details of the tentative agreement canbe found at

CFA Equity Conference To Promote Diversity, Civil Rights In The CSU

CFA Equity Conference in March, which is sponsored by CFA’s Council for Affirmative Action, looked at the many attacks on public education in California and the nation and at the resulting decline in quality education.

These attacks create a CSU system in which access and equity is problematic, the for-profit model prevails, and the key role of instructional faculty in educating students is de-emphasized.

The conference theme, “Quality Education and Critical Practices: A State and National Perspective,” focused on best practices used by CSU faculty to provide a quality education that challenges the state and national
attempts to move public education to a business model that treats students like commodities and massively restructures higher education to prioritize the bottom-line.

Instead, Conference presentations and workshops emphasized the ways in which CSU faculty engage and interact with the total student by creating learning environments in which diversity, access and equity are primary values that complement the academic mission of the university. 

New Pay raises Policy for top CSU executives

Bowing to years of pressure to curb CSU executive compensation hikes, the CSU Trustees at their meeting in January adopted a last-minute change to a new pay policy for campus presidents.

The policy adopted will limit the increase in taxpayer dollars devoted to the starting salaries of newly hired campus presidents to a maximum of 10% more than the pay that had been given to their respective predecessors.

There is no restriction on the amount of donated dollars, referred to as “private” funds, which can be used to augment executive pay above state dollars.

The policy was adopted just hours before it became public that Mildred García, former president of CSU Dominguez Hills, has moved into the top spot at CSU Fullerton.

The Trustees also named Leroy M. Morishita permanent president of CSU East Bay. He has been interim president since April when his predecessor, Mohammad Qayoumi, moved over to San José State.