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Proposition 32: It’s About Power

Passage of Prop 32 would be a fatal blow to the labor movement in California.

Without the ability to advocate for/against ballot initiatives and candidates, CFA and the rest of labor will see relentless attacks on basic rights. As if the middle class (and public employees especially) weren’t suffering enough, now they’re coming after our most fundamental freedom – our voice in government.

What does Prop 32 do?


  • Prohibits corporations and unions from using payroll deductions for politics. But of course, corporations don’t use payroll deduction for politics; they use their massive profits. Only unions would be affected by this ban.
  •  Exempts Corporate Super PACs and front groups allowing them to spend with NO limits!

Vote NO – Protect our voice

  • Because it is a public university, every major aspect of the CSU is influenced by politics. From health benefits to education policy to our right to strike, everything is governed by the people we elect. If Prop 32 passes, we effectively lose our voice in those decisions.
  • Prop 32 is part of a “one-two” punch: First they take away our power. Then they set their sights on our other rights and benefits—gut our pensions, eliminate tenure, and even strip us of collective bargaining rights.
  • It would get even worse. Unions have won rights for all workers; with Prop 32, the minimum wage, health programs the social safety net and more would be under attack.
  • We’d have no ability to organize and fight back.

Vote NO on Special Exemptions

Here’s who is exempted from spending limits under Prop 32:

  • Corporate Super PACs—No Limit
  • Chamber of Commerce—No Limit
  • Michelle Rhee’s PAC—No Limit
  • Karl Rove’s PAC—No Limit
  • Wal-Mart—No Limit
  • Billionaires—No Limit

Vote NO to stop them

Here’s who’s funding Prop 32:

  • Wealthy corporate interests
  • Anti-union activists
  • Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
  • Lincoln Club of Orange County (backers of Citizens United case)