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Range Elevation Relief, at Long Last —but, to get it you must apply

An agreement between the CFA Bargaining Team and CSU management, reached last November and now coming to fruition, improves Range Elevation for Lecturer Librarian faculty on temporary appointments.

Thousands of CSU Lecturers and Librarians, who have worked for years without the ability to range elevate, now can apply to move up—thereby receiving a notable salary increase of at least 5 percent.

Range Elevation is the formal process through which Lecturers and Librarians can increase their salary by moving from one salary range to the next (e.g. Range A to B, B to C, or C to D).

It is important for eligible Lecturers and Librarians to be aware that Range Elevation is not automatic. If you are eligible, you need to apply.  

Applications will be taken starting this Fall 2017 from Lecturers and Librarians on temporary appointments who have 12 years of service at a time-base of at least 0.8, or the equivalent; this is known as Full-Time Adjusted Service (FTAS), which can be estimated using this online tool.

In Fall 2018, those with nine or more years FTAS will be eligible to apply, and in Fall 2019, those with six or more years FTAS will be eligible.
Also note, the contract specifies the procedures that every campus
must follow to implement Range Elevation, including eligibility, criteria, timelines, and appeal of denials. But, each campus has its own application procedures, and deadlines so you need to get to know yours.

Making it better

Importantly, this negotiated agreement eliminates the previous require-ment that faculty reach an often-unattainable Service Salary Increase maximum. Without regular SSIs, many of our members were unable to reach the maximum in their ranges and therefore were prevented from elevating into new ranges with higher salaries. These changes help to re-pair that problem, meaning much-needed salary increases for thousands of eligible Lecturer Librarian faculty on temporary appointments.

Additionally, the Faculty Merit Increases that were handed out many years ago will no longer be backed out of today’s eligibility calculations (a move that froze many senior faculty out of eligibility).

This agreement was the culmination of months of effort by a working group created when CFA and the CSU reached the 2016 Salary Settle-ment after CFA’s Fight for Five. The sides agreed we had to develop a solution to problems in the Range Elevation process that plagued faculty working on temporary appointments during and since the recession years.

— Kevin Wehr, Chair, CFA Bargaining Team

See links to information about Range Elevation that describe in detail the eligibility criteria, explain how to determine whether you are eligible to apply, and provide much more background information including an estimator to see roughly how much your salary would change.