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What You should know about CFA’s Representation Program

By David Bradfield
Chair, CFA Representation Committee
Music, CSU Dominguez Hills

If you are a faculty member working in the California State University system, you benefit from “faculty rights” that we gained in the contract that CFA negotiates.  

It does not matter that you are tenure-line or a Lecturer, that you are a Librarian or a Coach or Counselor. If you are part of the CSU faculty, then CFA has the ability and duty to help you ensure your rights.

Each campus CFA Chapter has members and staff to whom you can turn for help if you have a workplace problem. Many of our faculty colleagues become Faculty Rights Representatives by attending workshops, studying the contract, and learning the process to help you and all our colleagues.

CFA is a member-run union and that member-driven activism is exemplified in the many roles faculty members fill in our union, including Faculty Rights advocates on your campus. That is what gives us our power—we are working together to enforce and strengthen the rights of every CSU faculty member.

It is worth noting that you do not have to be a CFA member to benefit from the representation that CFA provides. Strong membership makes a clear statement that faculty intend to play a decisive role in determining faculty working conditions.

Our collective bargaining agreement, or CBA, addresses key aspects of our rights. These include salaries, benefits, workload, and safety on the job. The CBA establishes our processes, procedures, and timelines when we have grievances or discipline appeals. It’s a good idea for faculty members to become familiar with the various articles—meaning topic areas—in our CBA. At the same time, be assured there are always CFA leaders, members and staff who can help you understand it and use it when problems arise.

Check it out on the CFA web site or request a hard-copy from the CFA Chapter office on your campus.

Common issues that faculty run into include Lecturer appointment, workload, tenure and promotion denial, and some-times discipline. We cover these topics and many more in our Faculty Rights Tips on the CFA web site.

If you need help, here are two things to know:

  • If the matter involves a written “Notice of Pending Discipline,” you must contact your campus CFA chapter immediately! Timelines run quickly in discipline cases.
  • Take a look at the CFA Grievance and Discipline Appeal Filing Guide on the CFA web site. You will find an overview of the grievance process. It explains the types of grievances there are and lays out the deadlines you must keep in mind. And, it has an overview of the discipline process, including the various options available to those who may be facing discipline.


Check out CFA’s Faculty Rights Tips!
Be in the know.  Assert your rights.

Contact your campus CFA Chapter

Find the Faculty Rights advocates on your campus

Read the Faculty Contract

Learn more about Faculty Rights

Find the CFA Grievance and Discipline Appeal Filing Guide