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Additional budget funding for California State University appreciated, but more is needed to fulfill mission of ‘The People’s University’

The following is a statement from Jennifer Eagan, President of CFA, regarding the California state budget. Dr. Eagan is a Professor of Philosophy and Public Affairs & Administration at CSU East Bay.

The California Faculty Association appreciates the $12.5 million in additional base funding for the California State University this fiscal year, yet it comes up far short of the investment the ‘People’s University’ truly needs.

While the additional $12.5 million will allow 5,194 more students to enroll, that really amounts to only about 200 more students per campus—falling far short of meeting the state’s 21st century needs for a million more college graduates. Moreover, the budget’s reliance on one-time funding— between $25 million and $50 million — ignores the reality that students are not a one-time investment but rather each year’s cohort of students must be supported through to graduation.

Unless we invest in hiring more faculty and staff to provide students with the courses they need to graduate and support our students so that they do not have to work more than 10 hours a week we will not see the improvements in four-year graduation rates that we all (including our students) seek. Using one-time money to ‘study’ or ‘initiate’ four-year graduation ‘programs’ is a colossal waste of resources. The factors delaying graduation are well known—a shortage of classes, lack of hiring and support for the faculty and advisors who mentor students, and students having to work too many hours; eliminating or ameliorating these issues require ongoing investment in providing greater opportunities for students to take classes and spend fewer hours working to support themselves and their families.

During the Vietnam war, many of our white, middle class students dragged out their college career to avoid the draft, but it would be a serious mistake for us to imagine that our 21st century students are cut from the same cloth. Rather, our 470,000 students — of whom about 56% are students of color and 49% are undergrads from low-income families — want nothing more than to succeed in college and begin their professional lives. They can only accomplish this if we make an ongoing investment in their future.


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