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Assembly resolution calls for open CSU Chancellor Search
California Faculty Association sponsors Assemblymember Pan’s ACR 164



SACRAMENTO – Today, Assembly Concurrent Resolution 164 by Assemblymember Richard Pan passed out of a key Assembly Committee on a unanimous vote. ACR 164 now moves to the Assembly floor for consideration.

The California Faculty Association sponsored the resolution, which calls for an open, transparent, and inclusive executive search for the next Chancellor of the California State University system. 

The Chancellor leads the nation’s largest public university system, with 23 campuses and over 425,000 students. The CSU is currently undergoing a secretive, closed-door search for the Chancellor position. The CSU Trustees’ Special Committee for the Selection of the Chancellor meeting yesterday in San Jose was held entirely in closed session.

“The CSU Chancellor is one of the most important public servants in state service. As such, the recruitment and selection should be done publicly, not part of a backroom coronation that excludes key stakeholders,” said Cecil Canton, CFA’s Associate Vice President, and a professor of Criminal Justice at Sacramento State University. 

“A secretive search that did not include a public vetting process was employed in the previous selection of the CSU Chancellor, resulting in negative tone of communication and relationship between the Chancellor and the public,” added Canton, who testified today on behalf of CFA in support of the resolution.

CFA represents 24,000 faculty, librarians, coaches and counselors who teach at the CSU system. Recently, CFA conducted and submitted a survey of faculty and other members of the CSU community to generate discussion and frame input from the faculty regarding the search for the next CSU Chancellor. 

Scores of comments indicated that the chancellor’s most important responsibility is to carry out to the greatest degree possible the CSU mission to provide an affordable, accessible, quality education to every Californian able to achieve a four-year degree.  View the survey results.

“We would like to work with the new Chancellor to champion critical issues for the CSU, including the passage of Proposition 30,” said Canton. 

He said, “As the greatest institution of higher public education, the CSU has long been a critical part of California’s economic success, intellectual progress, and social fabric.  The ‘People’s University’ has provided a path to prosperity for millions of adults. The California Faculty Association stands ready to assist the CSU administration on finding a true leader for our university communities, and many more students and faculty to come.”

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