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Bill to democratize the California State University Board of Trustees passes key Senate committee
California Faculty Association sponsors bill to provide most important reform of CSU Board in generations

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SACRAMENTO – Today Senator Leland Yee’s SB 1515 passed out of the Senate Education Committee on a 6-2 vote.

The hearing room was packed with vocal CSU students, faculty, staff and many other advocates expressing their strong support for this important measure, which would reform the composition of the California State University (CSU) Board of Trustees to increase the student, faculty and non-faculty employee representation on the Board.

“This bill gives a greater voice to the real stakeholders of the CSU System – the students, the faculty, and the employees of the 23 campuses. It was inspirational to see the broad-based support for this bill,” said Kim Geron, CFA Vice-President and Political Science professor at California State University East Bay. “It is our hope that this critical public university system be governed by those who are directly involved in its operations and mission of the CSU. We have seen a disturbing trend in some of the direction unilaterally taken by the CSU, without input from those most directly impacted.”

The bill would require the Governor to appoint 1 CSU faculty member and 1 CSU non-faculty employee chosen at the Governor’s discretion. These 2 appointments will be subject to a 2/3 confirmation by the Senate and will serve for 8 year terms, the same as the remaining appointments of the Governor. The number of student appointments will double from 2 to 4.

“I want to thank Senator Yee and the California Faculty Association for advocating for students and pushing for their inclusion in the decision-making process,” added Yesenia Ramirez, a student at California State University Los Angeles who made the long trip to Sacramento to testify in support of SB 1515. “In a time of higher student fees, and greater student debt, it is important that more students’ perspective is included to return our California State University system to an affordable, quality educational experience for all.”

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