News Release

California Faculty Association Acknowledges Governor’s Budget Proposal, Looks Forward to Working with Governor Newsom to Reinvest in State’s Universities


The following statement can be attributed to California Faculty Association President Charles Toombs, professor of Africana Studies at San Diego State University.

“We are thankful for Governor Newsom’s Budget Proposal announced today. Governor Newsom has been a strong advocate for higher education.  We know the Governor is aware of what is necessary to restore core education funding to California’s public universities.”

The Governor’s Budget Proposal calls for $199 million in new ongoing funding for the CSU and no tuition increase for students. Today’s announcement is the beginning of the budget development process, and CFA will work with the Governor and Legislature over the coming months to secure the funding we need to serve CSU students.

“We remain dismayed with the CSU Board of Trustees’ continuing failure to request adequate funding for the institution they serve.  This is symptomatic of their continuous misrepresentation of the CSU’s actual needs.  Students, faculty and staff maintain that the CSU requires more resources to expand access to the CSU, increase tenure-tracking faculty hiring, and offer adequate mental health counseling.”

“As the CSU’s student body continues to become more diverse, state funding has dwindled.  The bare minimum does not suffice.”


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