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California Faculty Association Announces Support for Yuba City Teachers’ Strike

CSU Faculty Supports K-12 Teachers Who Are Currently Paid 13% Less Than the State Average

Yuba City, CA — Today members of the California Faculty Association (CFA) joined the picket line with K-12 teachers in Yuba City for Day 2 of their strike over unfair salaries. 

Susan Green, associate professor of Chicano Studies at Chico State and CFA Treasurer, stated:

“Teachers in Yuba City are being paid far less than the state average and it is having an impact on their ability to pay their bills. The faculty of the CSU understands their position and fully supports this action.

“No one wants to strike, but sometimes that is what it takes to show management that teachers are unified in their fight for fair wages and proper working conditions.

“We are hopeful that the district will start listening to the challenges their teachers are facing, get back to the negotiating table, and come to a fair agreement in a timely fashion.”

For more information on the strike, visit YCTA can also be found at and at

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