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The California Faculty Association endorses Gavin Newsom for California Governor in 2018

The California Faculty Association’s Board of Directors has voted to endorse Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom for California Governor in the California Primary Election to take place on June 5, 2018.

“Now is the time to invest in the CSU, and we need strong advocates for our public higher education system,” said CFA President Jennifer Eagan, a professor at CSU East Bay, one of the 23 California State University campuses.

“We have confidence that Lt. Gov. Newsom is fully committed to making sure public higher education is there for California’s students so that California’s economy and society have the college graduates we need to thrive,” Eagan added.

Throughout CFA’s endorsement process, which involves questionnaires, meetings with faculty members on a CSU campus, and interviews with faculty leaders, Newsom expressed strong agreement that public higher education in California needs redoubled support.

“I’m immensely proud to receive the endorsement of the California Faculty Association,” Newsom said on learning of CFA’s decision. “As Lieutenant Governor and a CSU Trustee, I’ve had the privilege of working with the men and women of CFA to bargain for the salaries and benefits they deserve, and to reject tuition hikes for our students.”

He added, “I look forward to our continued partnership in fighting for an affordable, accessible, and high-quality public higher education for all Californians.

CFA found that Newsom spoke directly about one of the most important issues before California—the necessary state funding for our public higher education system, to ensure faculty have the tools and time to deliver high quality education to our students.

“Newsom understands our higher education system and indicated he is committed to working with faculty and public higher education advocates to create a dedicated source of funding for the CSU,” said Lillian Taiz, chair of CFA’s Political Action and Legislation Committee. “Furthermore, he shares CFA’s goal of achieving a system of free public higher education for California’s students.”

In addition, Newsom said he will work to establish hiring policies that will yield a diverse faculty for the highly diverse student body on CSU campuses.

While serving on the CSU Board of Trustees and UC Board of Regents in his ex-officio role as Lieutenant Governor, Newsom has consistently spoken and voted against student tuition increases. He expressed agreement with CFA that rising student costs and debt are holding students back, harming not only the students themselves but our state as well.

ADDITIONAL ENDORSEMENTS: In addition to governor, CFA endorsed the following candidates for state office:

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond
State Controller: Betty Yee
Secretary of State: Alex Padilla
Treasurer: Fiona Ma
Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara

CFA will interview candidates for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General in early 2018.

ABOUT THE CALIFORNIA FACULTY ASSOCIATION: CFA represents more than 28,000 tenured and tenure-track instructional faculty, lecturers, librarians, counselors and coaches on the 23 campuses of the California State University system, from Humboldt State in the north, to San Diego State in the south. Learn more about CFA at


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