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California Faculty Association will hold Strike Authorization Vote by California State University faculty


SACRAMENTO, CA — The California Faculty Association, which represents the 25,000 faculty in the 23-campus California State University system announced publicly today that it will conduct a vote among its members to authorize job actions, including strike, if the current bargaining process over salary in the second year of the faculty contract does not conclude satisfactorily.

The vote will take place online and in-person on CSU campuses beginning October 19 and running through October 28. 

CFA and the Chancellor’s Office of the CSU are now in mediation over salary for 2015-2016. CSU management has rejected CFA’s proposal of a 5% General Salary Increase (GSI) for all faculty and 2.65% Service Salary Increase (SSI) for eligible faculty. The Chancellor’s Office offered a 2% salary increase, which the faculty rejected last October.

“Our message is clear. CSU management must redirect their misplaced spending priorities and temper their obsession with executive compensation. It is time to put the CSU’s money where it belongs, with the people who teach and mentor students” said Jennifer Eagan, president of CFA.

“Not only has our pay fallen far behind the cost of living in California, but our salaries are falling behind our colleagues in the UC, Community Colleges, and K-12 education,” Eagan said.

She added, “The lion’s share of faculty hiring in the CSU is into temporary, low-paid teaching jobs that do not offer a middle-class living. This situation is unsustainable and intolerable.”

Research shows that over the last 10 years, more than half of all CSU faculty have been hired into temporary positions with lower pay while the number of permanent, full-time tenure-line teaching positions has dropped.

“The research on higher education is clear,” said Eagan. “Students do best when they have consistent support and help from teachers. Low pay and a pattern of disrespect for what faculty do will chase good teachers out of the classroom and harm students.”

Other findings show that the purchasing power of CSU faculty has declined, and the number of non-teaching administrative personnel has increased along with management salaries.


  • For more on the research findings, see CFA research in the CFA Race to the Bottom working papers at
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