News Release

California State U. Trustees’ Priorities — Defend Exec Pay & Discourage Student Dissent


When the California State University Trustees and Executives meet this Tuesday and Wednesday for their regular meeting, they will review the work of a special Trustees’ committee formed in the wake of the Governor’s critique of their approach to presidential pay.

During 2011, at least three new campus presidents enjoyed substantial compensation bumps in their starting salaries over their predecessors. This year, it is expected that the 23-campus system will hire at least five more campus presidents.

The Trustees’ special committee has developed a new pay policy for the 23 campus presidents that, not surprisingly, puts old wine in new bottles. Using a self-generated list of comparable institutions, they conclude that CSU presidents are underpaid.

See the proposed Exec Pay policy to be taken up this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Reactions to the exec pay policy have been harsh including from The Legislative Analyst’s Office and elected officials. See a report at California Watch.

State Sen. Ted Lieu issued a scathing letter to Chancellor Reed. “The policy,” he wrote, “appears to authorize and even mandate additional and significant raises for CSU presidents. I request that you withdraw the proposal because it is not in the best interests of CSU, its faculty and students, and the State of California.” See Sen. Lieu’s complete letter

Sen. Lieu has said he will attend the Trustees meeting this week to address it during public comment on Wednesday.


CFA Secretary John Halcón (CSU San Marcos) will comment at the meeting on Wednesday on the actions of Chancellor Reed and San Diego State campus president Elliott Hirschman. The two are waging an effort to suspend for two years graduate student and UAW member Ashley Wardle (San Diego State). Their action against her stems from an over-reaction by police during a student protest at the Trustees meeting in November over fee hikes and drastic cuts.

Halcón says, “The (university) administration’s description of events is so at odds with what really happened that there must be an independent investigation into what went on that day.”

He says, “Considering the local DA does not feel there is evidence to support the charges (CSU Executives) sought to bring,” taking action against Wardle is a push “to punish students for exercising their free speech rights.”


Also at the meeting, California Faculty Association leaders Jennifer Eagan (CSU East Bay) and Vivian Price (CSU Dominguez Hills) will remind the Trustees on Wednesday that the problems that motivated the one-day faculty strike continue to plague the system and there will, no doubt, be more unrest ahead.


The Trustees meeting will take place Tuesday January 24 and Wednesday January 25 at the CSU Chancellor’s Office at 401 Golden Shore in Long Beach.

Note that the Trustees may change the times without notice.