News Release

CFA praises Gov. Newsom’s reinvestment in the CSU, looks to Legislature for allocations that will further strengthen the People’s University

The following statement may be attributed to California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan, a professor of Philosophy and Public Affairs & Administration at California State University, East Bay:

“Gov. Newsom has a history of fighting for the CSU and we are grateful that he continues to show a serious commitment to investing in the People’s University.

For more than 30 years, funding for the CSU has been decreasing as our student population grew increasingly more diverse. The additional funding marks a real reversal in that trend and one that we hope will be the beginning of several more years of augmentations under the Governor’s leadership that will improve our university system.  

Our next step is to work with the Legislature to ensure the funds are allocated in a way that requires CSU administrators to use this money wisely so that students have access to a quality higher education and the support and services they need to graduate.”

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