News Release

CFA statement on the Governor’s ‘May Revise’ budget plan

Monday May 14, 2012

The governor’s revised state budget proposes no new cuts for the California State University with one huge qualifier – the revised budget he released today increases the possible trigger cut to the CSU from $200 million to $250 million.

This makes clear the absolute necessity to support and pass the revenue initiative linked to the trigger, the Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act, to increase desperately needed revenues to the state.

If the revenue initiative fails, the trigger will be pulled and it will make things measurably worse for students in the CSU.

However, avoiding the trigger cut will not alone solve the California State University’s problems. Years of devastating funding cuts have been worsened by the way in which management uses the precious dollars the university gets.

CSU executives lavish pay and perks on themselves while imposing devastating cuts to students’ classes and services. It is vital for California to address how the CSU is managed.

Until that occurs, the unrelenting cuts to higher education combined with the misplaced priorities at the top will continue to damage the state’s ability to rebound.

The May Revise is another step in the state budget process, with more steps to come. We will work with the Legislative leadership and members of the legislature over the coming months to improve financial support for our public colleges and universities. Keeping public higher education affordable and accessible, while providing quality higher education, has made our state great. CFA will fight, both during the budget process and this fall at the ballot box, to make sure that legacy continues.