News Release

College Faculty Across the Nation Initiate Action in April to Campaign for Quality Public Higher Education

For Immediate Release
March 24, 2011

  • Faculty & Students to Hold April 13 Protests on all 23 California State U. campuses
  • Actions also planned around week of April 13 at U. of California, Calif. Community Colleges and in many states including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania & Vermont

SACRAMENTO, CA – Students and faculty from all 23 California State University campuses are gearing up for events on April 13 dubbed “Take Class Action: Demand Quality Education.”

Actions in April also are being planned by faculty groups in the University of California, California Community Colleges and at public colleges and universities across the nation.

Please see below for a listing of actions information available to date.

On April 13, faculty groups on all 23 campuses in the California State University system will hold rallies, teach-ins, and other types of events in support of quality public higher education and fairness in tough economic times.

“We are well aware of the budget issues our state faces,” said Lillian Taiz, president of the California Faculty Association which initiated the faculty actions on CSU campuses. “But, too many Californians have already lost their homes and their jobs; we will not let California lose its public universities.”

Taiz said, “We cannot cut back on training our state’s future workforce and then expect our economy to thrive. We cannot give up on making sure every one of us has the opportunity to get an education.”

These actions come as increasing numbers of Californians are turning to higher education to develop the skills they need to work and solve problems in today’s 21st Century economy. State businesses need more skilled workers to spur innovation and promote economic growth.

Yet, CSU Chancellor Charles Reed’s priorities in dealing with the crisis are shutting classroom doors, canceling programs, raising student fees, and refusing to bargain in good faith with CSU faculty and staff.

Taiz said, “Many of Chancellor Reed’s actions are a power grab he has sought for years but could not implement until the economic crisis gave him cover. We need to stand up for the principles that are the bedrock of a quality education and demand that steps be taken to protect students in the classrooms first as we find our way through tough fiscal times.”

On April 13, thousands of faculty members and students will send a united statement to Chancellor Reed that he must think about the long-term impact his decisions will have on California’s economy.

Taiz said, “We need leaders who have the integrity to bargain fair contracts with workers and cut out their own wasteful spending. California’s future is riding on it and right now the Chancellor is failing miserably.”

Faculty and students, who joined their colleagues around the country for protests last year, will call for:

  • Affordable, Accessible & High Quality Public Higher Education. This has been the promise of California’s Master Plan for Higher Education since 1960 and is essential to our state’s recovery. It cannot be abandoned.
  • New Revenues. The CSU faculty has worked with the legislature on an Oil Extraction Tax that would bring badly needed funds to the CSU system by taxing oil companies. The CSU’s management has aggressively opposed such legislation and has presented no ideas that would generate new revenues for the CSU other than cuts.
  •  Rein In the Bloated CSU Administration. Year after year, CSU management finds ways to raise pay and give perks to management. Chancellor Charles Reed, for example, receives $451,500 in yearly compensation, a car allowance, a free house, and other perks exclusive to CSU executives. His administration has wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight legislation that would bring transparency to the CSU that could help to eliminate waste. The CSU administration’s priorities are misplaced—these funds should be spent on instruction.
  • Fair Contracts for CSU Faculty and Staff. Fair treatment of employees is essential to providing quality education. This is not Wisconsin and the CSU Administration must stop using the budget crisis as a convenient excuse to weaken workers’ rights.
  • The Actions in April are a prelude to the launching of a national campaign by faculty organizations on public college and university campuses. Watch for announcements of the campaign launch in May.

California State University Campus Actions

Please contact the organizers of the specific event you are interested in for more information. This list will be updated frequently over the coming weeks.

CSU Bakersfield

11:30-1:30 pm at the “Little Hill” (outdoor space between Science II and Dorothy Donahoe Hall)
Description: “Tree of Knowledge” will visually represent both Bakersfield and Antelope Valley Campus faculty, staff, students. Each person will be asked to fill out a leaf.
Contact: Bruce Hartsell (661) 391-0347

CSU Chico

11:30 am to 1:00 pm at Holt Hall to Kendall Hall
Description: Rally and “New Orleans” funeral style march across the Chico State campus by faculty, students, and staff to deliver signed petitions.
Contact: Paul Lopez (530) 591-2205

CSU Channel Islands (Camarillo, CA)
11:30-1:30 pm at South Quad
Description: “Rally in Support of Public Higher Education” with speakers from various campus unions and student organizations, music and video tent for interviews.
Contact: Nancy Deans (805) 300-3943

CSU Dominguez Hills (Carson, CA in Los Angeles County)

8:30 am-11:30 am Teach Out Wave I at Small College Complex (SCC) Room 710
Noon-1:30 pm program at Loker Student Union Ballroom
2:30 – 6:45 pm Teach-Out Wave II at Social and Behavioral Sciences Bldg (SBS) Room D225
Description: “Community Heroes” recognition event at which prominent CSU Alums will be honored.
Contact: Dave Bradfield: 310-748-1730

CSU East Bay (Hayward, CA)

Noon at the Bookstore Lawn
Description: “People’s University” outdoor teach-in. Features a poetry slam and workshops on direct action, collective bargaining, the new business model of the public sector, and radical indigenous people’s movements.
Contact: Luz Calvo (510) 435-7037

CSU Fresno

Noon-1 pm at the Plaza outside box office, near Theater Arts
Event Description: Rally focusing on campus budget priorities
Contact: Diane Blair (559) 273-9078

CSU Fullerton

11 am-2 pm In front of Humanities Building
Description: Numerous events throughout the day for this event which will be held in a carnival like atmosphere including information events, “soup line,” speakers, petition signing, video interviews.
Contact: Shelley Arsenault (714) 278-2456

Humboldt State

Noon-1 pm at Library Quad
Event Description: Rally till 12:30 pm then a march through campus. Speakers from the faculty, staff unions, and others. Visual: CFA faculty and staff will wear their respective union’s shirts.
Contact: Sue Pak (510) 290-4308

Cal State Los Angeles

11:45 am-3 pm at location to be announced
Description: “Teach-Out” with speakers, music & action
Contact: Alejandra Marchevsky (323) 854-7074

CSU Long Beach

Noon-1 pm at the Bell Tower (near Coffee Bean)
Description: Rally featuring Gospel singers plus faculty, staff & student speakers.
Contact: Teri Yamada (562) 229-2066 (Cell)

Cal. Maritime Academy (Vallejo, CA)

7 am-Noon at the Front Gate
Description: Informational picket line about the state budget and the faculty contract.
Contact: Peter Hayes (916) 715-4306

CSU Monterey Bay

Noon – 1 pm at the Campus Quad
Description: “Class in the Quad.” There will be a ‘final exam’ and a ‘cold cuts’ theme.
Contact: Steven Levinson (831) 402-1906

CSU Northridge

11 am-1 pm at the Sierra Quad
Description: “Faculty First” event recognizing faculty contributions to public higher education and a discussion on the changes occurring in higher education because of the state budget and the Chancellor’s mismanagement.
Contact: Theresa Montano (323) 829-1653 or James David Ballard (661) 210-5097

Cal Poly Pomona

11:30 am-1:30 pm at the Bronco Student Union in Ursa Minor room
Description: “Take Class Action” Action tables, mock news progream (a spin-off of “60 Minutes” entitled “6 Minutes: Impediments to Education”), Associated Students’ Lobby Corps, student social justice artwork, staff activities.
Contact: Jackie Teepen (562) 715-9475

CSU Sacramento

Begins at 12:30 pm in the Main Quad
Description: Rally and march focused on the campus president’s misplaced spending priorities.
Contact: Jason Conwell (916) 761-0194

CSU San Bernardino

Noon-1 pm at the Upper Commons
Description: “Take Class Action” Faculty, students & staff speakers will address CSU attacks on employees and students, discuss the effect budget cuts are having on the campus community, and will offer solutions to addressing these problems. The program will include student and faculty videos, poetry readings, and other interactive group activities.
Contact: Marcia Marx (909) 537-7314

San Diego State

Noon-1 pm at the Centennial walkway, near Aztec Center
Description: Faculty, students and staff will gather to voice their support for prioritizing funding for student courses and bargaining a fair contract. Visuals will include a symbolic wall with hundreds of names of the SDSU community demanding Chancellor adhere to these principles.
Contact: David Berman (619) 594-2775

San Jose State

Noon Rally at the Tommy Smith Statue, activities all day
Description: All-day rally plus advocacy activities throughout the day.
Contact: Jonathon Karpf (408) 398-9449

San Francisco State

11-1 pm in Jack Adams Hall, Insider Chavez Student Center
Description: Forum “Stand up for public education”
Contact: Ramon Castellblanch (415) 271-5901

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

11 am-1 pm at the University Union Plaza
Description: “We Know Better” outdoor gathering featuring speakers (faculty, student, staff), petition signing and video booth interviewing campus participants.
Contact: Glen Thorncroft (805)756-2118

CSU San Marcos (North San Diego County)

Noon-2 pm at the Campus Open Space Area
Description: Teach-ins in multiple classrooms leading up to an outdoor “Teach-Out Action” with campus participants.
Contact: Don Barrett (760) 750-4161

Sonoma State (Rohnert Park, CA)

Noon-1 pm in the Main Quad by Stevenson Hall steps
Description: “Keeping the Public University Public” Rally with speakers, music & visuals depicting student fee increases.
Contact: David McCuan (707) 246-5746

CSU Stanislaus (Turlock, CA)

11 am-1 pm at the Quad, plus evening in the Theater
Description: Faculty will collect video testimonials throughout the day to be shown at a culminating event in the theater that night.
Contact: John Sarraille (209) 277-0651