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CSU Trustees to vote on yet another fee increase
If approved, fees will have risen 53% in just three years and 196% since 2002.

The CSU Board of Trustees have called a special meeting to raise California State University fees. They will meet at 10 am on Friday June 18 at the CSU Chancellor’s Office at 401 Golden Shore in Long Beach…

The Trustees may consider either a 5% or 10% increase in undergraduate fees, plus other proposals for increases in graduate and out-of-state student fees.

An increase of 5% will bring CSU system-wide fees for undergraduates to $4230 a year.

Last year, the Trustees increased these fees by 32%, citing the state budget crisis and reduced state funding.

If a 5% hike is adopted, fees will have risen 53% in just three years and 196% since 2002.

The Trustees chair Herb Carter told the San Francisco Chronicle that he supports a larger 10% fee hike. See his comments at:

Students also pay additional campus fees on top of the system-wide fee. The amount varies among the 23 CSU campuses.

More fee increases for the academic year that begins this fall are possible, even after the June 18 action. In May, the Trustees adopted a new policy that allows them to raise fees at any time.

Meanwhile, more than 5,000 classes throughout the CSU system have been eliminated setting back students’ progress to graduation and challenging some students to get enough units to retain their financial aid.

The exact number of class eliminations has not been released by the CSU Chancellor’s Office.

This is the second special meeting the Trustees will hold this month. A regularly scheduled meeting will be held on July 13. See the schedule of regular meetings at:

View the schedule and agenda for the special June 18 meeting at:

A detailed description of the issues on the agenda at the Trustees Finance Committee, which will discuss and make a recommendation on the fee hike for a vote of the full board on the same day is at: