News Release

Expanded state funding for the California State University is testimony to determination of public higher ed advocates

  • State budget goes to votes of state Assembly & Senate this week
  • Plan signals renewed awareness of public higher ed’s importance to California’s future

The California Faculty Association applauds the new state budget plan, which provides improved funding for the 23-campus California State University system, as it heads to a vote of the California State Legislature this week.

CFA encourages members of the State Assembly and State Senate to vote in favor of the budget that contains this CSU funding, and CFA urges Governor Jerry Brown to sign it into law.

The following statement may be attributed to California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan.

We are very gratified that because of hard work by CFA members, CSU students, CSU staff, and our state’s legislative leadership, California’s 2018-19 budget plan takes an important step toward reinvesting in the California State University system. This is important to ensure the continued economic and democratic progress of our state.

The agreement among Governor Jerry Brown, Senate President pro Tempore Toni Atkins, and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon to increase the CSU’s funding by $364 million demonstrates a growing appreciation of the critically important role played by The People’s University in delivering university degrees to millions of Californians now and in the near future.

In January, the governor offered $92 million in additional funding for the CSU rejecting the CSU Board of Trustee’s very modest funding request of $263 million.

At CFA’s urging, the Legislature led an effort to increase student enrollment funding for the many eligible Californians who have been denied seats in the CSU. CFA agrees with California’s leading gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom who said that, “We need to provide access to every eligible Californian, as a foundational goal. In order to do that, we need a significant increase in investment from the state of California.”

Many in the public higher education community recognized that a new level of action would be required to increase the CSU budget more significantly.

Faculty through our union, CFA, as well as students and staff made hundreds of visits to legislators. Along with supportive legislators and key figures in the CSU administration, thousands of us rallied at the State Capitol. We testified at hearings and phoned and wrote letters to elected leaders. We even mounted a pop-up art installation at the Capitol to illustrate the thousands of students being turned away.

The resulting budget prevents student tuition hikes this year, opens the doors to almost 4,000 more students, and helps to restore past cuts to faculty in the classrooms as well as to repair decaying buildings.

While we are pleased at this outcome, we also know that the CSU has been turning away tens of thousands of eligible students for too many years. We know that the huge number of faculty forced to work on contingent contracts weakens the faculty’s ability to support and mentor students toward successful completion of their degrees. And, we know that state funding for the CSU is still not back to the pre-recession level.

That is why we will continue to advocate for increased funding for the CSU next year. 

We look forward to working with the next governor to secure the future of quality higher education for our students in coming budgets so that we can continue to bring quality public higher education to all of California.

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