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Faculty to Gov. Brown: California CAN afford to reinvest in the CSU

Sacramento— Despite record tax receipts that are billions of dollars above projection and what is required for the state’s Rainy Day Fund, Gov. Jerry Brown’s May Revise of the proposed state budget for 2018-19 fails to include more funding for the California State University, which in turn fails students, faculty and staff, and the future of California.

The May Revise calls for increasing the CSU budget’s general fund by just $92.1 million, which does not include enough funding to increase enrollment in the CSU, nor adequately support the CSU this fiscal year.

According to a recent report by the California Budget & Policy Center, state disinvestment in the CSU and UC “landslides into an underdeveloped workforce that undercuts California’s economic competitiveness, weakens tax revenues, and diminishes the educational, career, and life outcomes for students.” The economic impact is equally harsh — if 7,000 qualified CSU applicants who didn’t attend college were to graduate from the CSU, the state would gain more than $1.4 billion during their working-lifetime, according to the findings.

The following is a statement from Jennifer Eagan, President of the California Faculty Association. Dr. Eagan is a Professor of Philosophy and Public Affairs & Administration at CSU East Bay.

“Students, faculty, and our allies were victorious this year in helping stave off tuition increases in the academic year for CSU students, but that didn’t fix all of the problems plaguing our university system.

There are thousands of qualified students being denied entry to the CSU every year—that number has steadily increased and now reaches more than 31,000—solely because there isn’t enough funding to make room for them. This is NOT a healthy way to run the People’s University. Ours is the system that is supposed to make public higher education a reality for everyone – for the students who have been told their whole lives that if they just work hard and get good grades, there will be a place for them in the California State University.

Instead, they are getting rejection letters. The message they are receiving is that they aren’t good enough. And for our students, who are increasingly students of color, low-income, and the first in their families to attend college, that is a devastating message. Our students and those seeking an education in the CSU deserve every opportunity that was given to those who came before them, when the majority of CSU students were white. Make no mistake—this is an issue of racial and social justice.

We are committed to our students, and we are committed to fighting on behalf of them and efforts to improve public higher education in California. We will not be silenced, and we will not give up. California is the fifth largest economy in the world, and the state’s rainy day fund has $13.8 billion. This is not about the CSU being unable to ‘live within its means’—it is about the Governor turning his back on qualified California high school students who have earned their place in the CSU, and deserve a chance at a brighter future.

Now, we look to the California Legislature to right this wrong. Gov. Brown may not believe in investing in the CSU and our students, but we know legislators are committed to the university system that is the economic engine of this state. It is time to do the right thing and reinvest in the CSU.”

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