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Faculty, student advocacy helps secure CSU funding; more support needed

Sacramento— On Thursday, June 15, the California Legislature will vote on a state budget bill, which includes additional funding for the California State University system, before it is sent to Gov. Jerry Brown for final approval.

The budget, released earlier this week for public review, contains an additional $204.2 million for the CSU, which includes $182.3 million in ongoing funding—with $20 million targeted at enrollment growth. The budget also includes $22 million in one-time funding for various programs, including $2.5 million for a new effort aimed at addressing student hunger on campuses.

The following is a statement from Jennifer Eagan, President of the California Faculty Association. Dr. Eagan is a Professor of Philosophy and Public Affairs & Administration at CSU East Bay.

“The California Faculty Association fought hard this spring to educate lawmakers about the very real need to increase funding for the California State University. Faculty and students throughout the state spent hours talking to legislators and sent more than 2,000 messages urging them to increase the CSU budget augmentation. We dropped off hundreds of handwritten letters to Gov. Jerry Brown, and raised our voices in song in the Capitol rotunda. We released a report, “Equity, Interrupted: How California is Cheating Its Future,” which chronicled the systemic underfunding of the People’s University in an effort to spark change that could ignite a new era for the CSU.

It was a heavy lift, but all of that work contributed to our system receiving additional funding for the 2017-18 fiscal year. We are appreciative that the Legislature understands the value of the CSU and our students, who are the future of our state. The investment in ongoing funding rather than merely one-time infusions is meaningful; it provides classes for students and allows for more faculty hiring—the real graduation initiative—allocates funds for new enrollments, and maintains programs. It lays the groundwork for the future.

More work is needed, however. Over the past 30 years, as our student population became increasingly diverse, public funding for the CSU steadily decreased. As our report shows, the state is spending less for each student today than it did in 1985 while students and their families are paying much more in fees and tuition. The bottom line is simple: ongoing, substantial investment is needed if the state wants to remain a leader in public higher education as we move further into the 21st century. We must get back to the core mission of the CSU—to provide an affordable, accessible college education for all Californians.

We are committed to providing quality public higher education for our students, and we will continue to fight on behalf of the investment they deserve.”

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