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Faculty union charges the CSU administration with allowing illegal intimidation in a meeting at Humboldt State U.

The California Faculty Association filed an unfair practice charge yesterday with the state Public Employment Relations Board charging the California State University management at Humboldt State University with attempting to interfere with and coerce counselors on that campus over their legal right to participate in a possible five-day strike on April 13-15 and April 18-19.

On March 8, counseling faculty at HSU, who are represented in contract negotiations by CFA, were called into a department-wide, mandatory meeting. At that meeting, each counselor was asked by their supervisor to declare whether he or she would participate in the possible strike.

“Pressuring vulnerable, part-time and temporary employees to declare their plans for the strike and suggesting that they cross the union picket line illegally interferes with labor rights under state labor law,” said Liz Barba Pinkava, CFA attorney and Representation Specialist.

Barba Pinkava added, “It is especially galling in light of the decrease in the number of counselors who have tenure or even the opportunity for tenure as the CSU shifts to more temporary employment appointments for counselors. Fewer and fewer faculty counselors feel secure in their employment from year to year, and it appears that CSU management would exploit this fact as we prepare to go on strike.”

CFA President Jennifer Eagan said, “If CSU management really cared about students’ mental health they would not have allowed the enormous underfunding of mental health care on our campuses and the downsizing of the counselor workforce. These have been at crisis levels for years.”

Eagan added, “This is not about students’ mental health. This is about the legal rights of workers to take action. CSU counselors love their jobs and care about students.”

The UP charge points out that such “planning” does not happen during other campus closures like Spring break, Thanksgiving, etc.

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BACKGROUND: The California Faculty Association “Fight for Five” seeks a 5% General Salary Increase for all faculty and range increases for those eligible. In October, faculty voted to authorize a strike if contract talks with CSU management complete the bargaining process spelled out in state labor law without reaching a settlement. The talks are now in the final statutory phase known as factfinding. Learn more at

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