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New Report Finds That Over The Last Decade, Growth in Size of Cal State University’s Management and Their Salaries Far Outpaces Growth in Size and Salaries of Faculty

Second Paper in “Race to the Bottom” Series Finds Spending on Managers and Supervisors Grew by 48%, Faster Than the CSU’s Net Operating Budget
Over Last Decade, Number of Managers and Supervisors Grew by 19.2% While Number of Regular, Permanent Faculty fell by 3%

A new report released by the California Faculty Association today that analyzes trends related to staffing and salary for CSU managers and executives finds that over the last decade, the growth of the Cal State University management and their salaries have far outpaced the growth and salaries of faculty.

Key findings include:

  • Spending on managers & supervisors grew by 48%, faster than the CSU’s net operating budget;
  • Spending on faculty grew by 25%, more slowly than the CSU net operating budget.
  • The average salary for managers and supervisors increased by 24% while the average full-time faculty salary increased by 10%
  • In 2014, the average full-time salary for a CSU manager/supervisor was $106,149 a year while the average full-time salary for a CSU faculty member was $64,479 a year

“Over the last 10 years, CSU managers, supervisors and executives consistently and vigorously prioritized their own needs and preferences over those of students and faculty,” said Lillian Taiz, President of the California Faculty Association.

“The CSU system has focused salaries, numbers of positions, and spending on those at the top while not prioritizing the faculty who fulfill the CSU’s mission to teach students.  We must shift the balance of priorities away from the 1% — managers and executives — and back to spending that directly serves students’ education and success,” Taiz said.

“Race to the Bottom: Salary, Staffing Priorities and the CSU’s 1%” provides an in-depth analysis of CSU spending on management vs faculty, including salaries, raises, and expenses. The analysis includes both a system-wide breakdown and a campus-by-campus breakdown.

The Race to the Bottom series analyzes the California State University administration’s priorities and decisions, and highlights implications for CSU faculty, students and public higher education.

Visit to view the series and download each paper.

For more information – including information to access the recorded press call and to arrange interviews with CSU faculty members — please contact Alice Sunshine or Niesha Gates