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Faculty on strike

CSU Strike Makes History!

Yesterday, thousands of faculty members made history by participating in the first-ever strike of the California State University system.

The message to the Chancellor was loud and clear from six in the morning until dark: “If you don’t start making decisions based on what is right for the 99% this system serves – instead of the 1% of executives and upper managers running the system — these actions will continue.”

At CSU Dominguez Hills in Southern California, 2,000 people over the course of the day picketed the ten gates surrounding the campus. Nicole Ballard, an academic counselor who was required to work on Thursday said, “The campus was totally empty. It was like a Sunday.”

At CSU East Bay in Northern California, according to published reports, 93% of classes were canceled for the day. Traffic was backed up for over a mile and a half into the city of Hayward. At noon, police were forced to cordon off the main entrance on Carlos Bee Blvd, effectively closing campus for the rest of the day.

“This week, we sent the Chancellor a powerful message,” said CFA President Lillian Taiz, a professor of History at CSU Los Angeles.

Taiz continued, “People are fed up with his ‘management first’ priorities. The CSU community is tired of seeing the Chancellor give huge raises to executives while student fees are hiked, faculty pay is stagnant, class sizes keep growing, and class offerings and faculty jobs are eliminated.

“Huge numbers of people came out to support the faculty this week – students, community members, staff, supporters from other unions, political leaders, and parents.

“Chancellor Reed is out of touch with the needs of the people in the trenches. Instead, he focuses obsessively on the compensation and perks of his presidents and his managers. The time has come for the Chancellor to prioritize the future of the people of California.

Links to News Coverage, Pictures, Videos and More

  • View a timeline of the strike on Twitter by following the hashtag: #csustrike

Additionally, the strike drew scores of news coverage from newspaper, television, radio and online news outlets across the country. Here is a sampling of that coverage:

San Francisco Chronicle
Associated Press
Los Angeles Times
San Jose Mercury News
Huffington Post
Bay Citizen
Long Beach Press Telegram
NBC Los Angeles

Newspapers Editorialize In Support of Faculty, Quality Education

While faculty members where on the picketlines yesterday, positive reviews for the action and CFA’s positions supporting quality education begun to roll in from newspaper editorial boards.

The San Jose Mercury News editorialized that in light of his recent decisions “You have to wonder whether Chancellor Charles Reed understands his organization’s mission.”

The Oakland Tribune suggested that the “CSU needs to be more equitable on faculty pay policy.”

Meanwhile the San Francisco Chronicle criticized the CSU Trustees for passing a fee increase this week in back room vote stating that under the current management regime, “An cornerstone of the California Dream is crumbling.”

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