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CFA supports CCSF faculty!

CFA and Students for Quality Education were on the picketline at the one-day strike by City College of San Francisco faculty.  SFSU CFA Chapter President Sheila Tully told a rally of CCSF faculty, "Many of you were there for us when we had picket lines, CFA-SFSU will have faculty here and at other CCSF campuses throughout the day, standing with you." CFA Pres. Jennifer Eagan wrote to CCSF's faculty union: The 27,000 members of the California Faculty Association stand in solidarity with AFT 2121 and your struggle for justice for faculty and students. Public colleges, especially those who serve students from families of color and the working class, have to fight for every dollar to maintain enrollment and decent working conditions. We applaud your decision to strike and are asking our members to support you on the picket line April 27.

CCSF faculty went on strike for one day, April 27, 2016. CFA members and students joined them at picketlines and rallies throughout the day.

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