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CFA: Taking action to restore the CSU!
March on the Capitol in March 2016

Hundreds of faculty and students marched to the Capitol building March 30.Assembly Member Miguel Santiago kicked off the March 30 events. Santiago has authored legislation that would place an automatic Service Salary Increase in statute for CSU faculty.The march to the Capitol included a stop at the CSU's government relations office, where CFA dropped a special message to the Chancellor and CSU management.The walk to the Capitol was a vocal one, complete with chanting and singing.CFA President Jennifer Eagan addresses the crowd. Assembly Member Jose Medina: "We need to make sure that the funding we gave (the CSU) last year makes it to the classroom."Longtime union activist Eliseo Medina: “The heart of the (CSU) are not in Long Beach. They’re in the classroom.” Assembly Speaker Emeritus Toni Atkins: “It is time that we reinvest in people who invest in our kids and that is you.”Assembly Member Evan Low pledges his support for CFA's Fight for Five.Assembly Member Kevin McCarty was among the lawmakers who rallied with CFA on March 30 at the Capitol.

Faculty and students from all 23 CSU campuses converged on the State Capital March 29-30 to meet with legislators about the critical need to invest in faculty and “The People’s University.”

The crowd of about 200 chanted as they marched to Chancellor’s Tim White’s government relations office near the capitol, and drew onlookers to the windows of the building as they sang a rendition of “Which Side Are You On?” 

The march continued to the south steps of the State Capitol for a rally, where several legislators said they support CFA’s Fight for Five and said any additional funding for the CSU should be spent on learning, not administration.